Site Updates

Some Saturday updates!

  • Symbols for pin status have been cleaned up and corrected throughout the site.
  • Pin status can now be viewed on an individual pin page.
  • Improved several sections where enamel pins where breaking on a new line unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a few search errors.
  • Seller pages have been improved but still a lot more to go.
WASD Soft Enamel Pin WASD

Deal of the Week – 90’s Computer

Our deal this week hits us right in the feels. The 90’s Computer Pin from Laser Kitten will connect with anyone who owned an original “Bondi Blue” iMac in the day. The 1″ tall soft enamel lapel pin is uniquely illustrated and captures that bondi blue goodness when you see it in person. It’s currently marked down to $6.00 so it won’t break your bank account. Be sure to browse Laser Kitten’s shop for other $6.00 pins currently on sale.

90's Computer Enamel Pin 90’s Computer