Deal of the Week – Council of Ricks

I hope you like Rick and Morty pins. With the show back on air and all the recent pin drops it’s almost impossible to avoid it. We’re going to just roll with it and that’s why this weeks deal is the Rick and Morty: Council of Ricks Soft Enamel Pin from Pintertainment720. This pin measures 2″ wide and features three council members: Rick Prime (Left), Quantum Rick (Middle) and Zeta Alpha Rick (Right). Council of Ricks is a limited edition of 50, goes for only $8.00 bucks and is currently in stock.

Be sure to visit Pintertainment720’s etsy page for some other great pins (loving those Venture Bros pins).

Council of Ricks Enamel Pin Council of Ricks

Pin Drop – Rick and Morty Rickmancing the Stone Pins

Zen Monkey Studios dropped three new licensed Rick and Morty Pins this morning based on yesterday’s airing of the latest episode “Rickmancing the Stone”. Rick’s Isotope in the largest of the three, glows in the dark and measures in at a 1.65″. Once visiting any of the pin pages on Zen Monkey Studios website, you’ll notice a deal where you can grab all three in a bundle for just $25.00 saving around $6.00. Any purchase over $25.00 also comes with a free limited edition (choice of three options) Zen Monkey Studios pin. That’s 4 pins for roughly $25.00 plus shipping so don’t pass up this bundle!

If you haven’t had a chance, be sure and catch the latest episode of Rick and Morty: Rickmancing the Stone on Adult Swim’s Website.

Buff Arm Morty Enamel Pin Buff Arm Morty
Rick's Isotope Enamel Pin Rick’s Isotope
Blood Dome Summer Enamel Pin Blood Dome Summer

Featured Pin #23 – Wake up the Dead

A recent Instagram post from Manière Noire noted that there were few of these “Wake up the Dead” enamel pins remaining. Since these won’t be restocked, I knew it was time to get them featured before they’re all gone. Wake up the Dead is a black and white, soft enamel 1.5″ pin. Available currently for $15.00 CAD (Close to $12.00 USD) from the Manière Noire Shop.

As much as we all like skeleton themed pins, coffee and great illustrations, this pin is too good to pass up.

Wake up the Dead Enamel Pin Wake up the Dead

Deal of the Week – Believe in Magic

We found some pins on sale happening at Old English Co’s Etsy shop. They have several pins that are marked down to just $4.72! The Believe in Magic pin won us over with its simplistic design and color. This pin is roughly 1.1″ inches and comes as a hard enamel pin with gold plating and black enamel. While there is no knowledge if these are a limited edition, they are still on sale so I wouldn’t hold out too long if you’re interested (we bought ours!).

I’m also attaching the It’s Ok Enamel Pin (also on sale for $4.72) below as a special mention! Be sure and visit Old English Co’s Etsy store for other great pins and a few others on sale!

Believe in Magic Enamel Pin Believe in Magic
It's Okay Enamel Pin It’s Ok

Pin Comments

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At the time of this post, there is just 1 of these great OMG pins remaining from LTYart’s Etsy shop.

OMG Speech Bubble Enamel Pin OMG Speech Bubble

Featured Pin #22 – Science, Bitch

Every once in awhile we run into a pin that’s an immediate buy. Science, Bitch brought an audible laugh and obtained an instant buy for us from enerjax. Science, Bitch is a 1.5″ gold enamel pin and features some amazing space details inside an erlenmeyer flask. The colors and art are fantastic and we absolutely love the Breaking Bad nod. It’s because of this we place it in our permanently featured pins!

As always, be sure to visit enerjax’s store for many other unique art and pins.

Science, Bitch Enamel Pin Science, Bitch

Deal of the Week – Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper

This weeks pin has all you could ever want for a deal of the week. This Star Wars and TMNT mashup pin features Leonardo sporting his twin katana while wearing a stormtrooper helmet. I mean, what about that sentence doesn’t sell you on this pin? The only thing that could be better is the price. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper is currently on sale for just $5.22 USD from No Fit State Co. This 1.4″ soft enamel pin is a limited edition of 100 so don’t miss your chance to pick this up!

Also, if you like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper, be sure to pick up the Street Trooper Pin, also on sale from No Fit State’s Shop.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper Enamel Pin Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper

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Let's Taco Bout It Let’s Taco Bout It

Featured Pin #21 – Happy Computer

This weeks featured pin is Happy Computer from Corkboard. We absolutely love all their Macintosh themed pins but the Happy Computer brings back some special memories of our first Macintosh computers. Happy Computer is a 1″ Hard Enamel pin with a black nickel plating and comes single posted for just $10.00. This is a perfect pin for any Apple enthusiast or anyone who collects 8 bit or icon themed pins.

Be sure to keep an eye on this seller for some other insanely great Mac themed enamel pins!

Happy Computer Enamel Pin Happy Computer

Deal of the Week – Yin-Yang Vintage

We caught this Gremlin & Mogwai mashup pin on sale this week and just had to bring some extra attention towards it. The Yin-Yang Vintage Gremlin’s inspired pin can be yours for just $7.00 from Pinaderia. This is a variant edition with a vintage epoxy coating and comes in at 2″ wide with dual posts. We love the impressive detail in this variant and the merging of the Mogwai and Gremlin are perfectly handled. As you know, don’t hesitate if you’re considering a purchase as the sale or pin may not last.

Also, if you like this variant, be sure to check out the original soft enamel version of Yin-Yang.

Yin-Yang Gremlins Enamel Pin Yin-Yang