Featured Pin – Anything Is Possible

Our featured pin this week is quite the motivational one. We love the simple but powerful message it portrays incased in an artfully creative light bulb. The Anything Is Possible enamel pin is currently the only pin offering from JJ Arts but that doesn’t make it any less inspiring.

Anything Is Possible is a 1″ soft enamel pin. It comes with a single clutch and has 4 color options with slightly varying heights. Each go for $10.00. We absolutely love the lettering work and think it’s a must own for those who collect unique, motivational or lettering lapel pins.

Colors Available:

  • Black – Length: 1 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Gold – Length: 1 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Red – Length: 1.18 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Fuchsia – Length: 1.18 in / 1.2mm thick

Visit JJ Art’s online store to purchase and be sure to check out the original painting that lead to the creation of this pin.

Anything Is Possible Enamel Pin Anything Is Possible

Deal of the Week – Death Rainbow

I wasn’t sure what pin would be right for the last Deal of the Week in September. Then I found these Death Rainbow enamel pins. It’s the perfect mashup before the Halloween madness begins. Death Rainbow is a collaboration between Jad Dovey and Alex Strangler.

Death Rainbow is a 1.5″ limited edition, soft enamel pin. It features several color enamel fills and comes in either a “Dark” or “Pastel” variant.

Death Rainbow Pastel Version – 1.5″ limited edition, silver hard enamel pin. Colorway by Alex Strangler.
Death Rainbow Dark Version – 1.5″ limited edition, soft enamel black with dyed plating. Colorway by Jad Dovey.

Both go for an appropriately priced $6.66 from Jad Dovey’s Etsy shop or $7.99 from Alex Strangler’s Shop.

Death Rainbow Enamel Pin Death Rainbow (Dark)
Death Rainbow Pastel Enamel Pin Death Rainbow (Pastel)

Featured Pin – Meteor Bill

Netherway Workshop is recent pin maker and has hit the scene with some awesome pins this year. Their recent release was too cool to pass up for featured pin of the week!

Meteor Bill should be instantly recognizable to any Mario or Nintendo fan. Most of us have probably met our end more than a few times against a bullet bill and this pin helps us remember one of Mario’s awesome foes. We love the artistic abstract treatment to give him the look of being in motion. This pin is a great addition to the growing Nintendo inspired enamel pins out there!

Meteor Bill soft enamel pin comes in at a standard 1.25” length. Meteor Bill features 4 color fills and and comes with dual posts. This enamel pin is also a limited edition of 100 so don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out on this awesome take on the classic bullet bill. You can purchase currently for just $10.00.

Make sure to visit Netherway Workshop’s store and website to check out their other awesome pins! We expect more amazing work from them in the future and we’ll be on the lookout!

Meteor Bill Enamel Pin Meteor Bill

Deal of the Week – Radioactive Dave

I came across this pin months ago and was upset when I didn’t bookmark it for a follow up. I was relived to have stumbled upon it again last week and just in time for it to be on sale!

Radioactive Dave is a soft enamel pin that measures 1.5″ tall. This pin has 7 color fills and is plated with a gold tone finish. Radioactive Dave is also a limited run of 50, so he won’t be around forever. He’s currently on sale for $6.00 and would make an awesome addition to your Halloween pin collection or maybe a spooky gift for a friend.

Be sure to check out Frolik Studio’s Etsy shop for some other stunning pins!

Radioactive Dave Enamel Pin Radioactive Dave

Featured Pin #30 – HAL 9000

We recently received our HAL 9000 from This Chepooka and swiftly added it our calendar to feature. Maybe you’re familiar with HAL 9000 and if not, that’s okay. We won’t hold it against you (maybe). For the sci-fi, movie and computer buffs out there, this lapel pin shouldn’t be missed.

The HAL 9000 enamel pin is by no means tiny and comes in at at 2″ tall and 1″ wide. This pin features double posts with a soft enamel and silver plating. HAL 9000’s unique feature is that it comes in either an LED light option or no LED. Both versions go for just $15.00 SGD ($11.13 USD). Although the LED version comes with some extra weight and depth with the small battery, it’s awesome, super bright and fun to show off in your collection. We love it so much, we’re going to end up ordering the regular version as well just to have the set.

Be sure to visit This Cheepoka’s shop for several other awesome pins (especially that Walking Dead Lucille pin!).

HAL 9000 Enamel Pin HAL 9000

Deal of the Week – Pickle

We recently discovered the awesome pins from Daniel Hill’s shop “Doodles from my Brain“. Daniel’s pins are all created from his hand-drawn doodles. We can’t help but love them all and think you will too! We could have easily picked any pin from his shop but the “Pickle” doodle won us over with that grin.

Pickle soft enamel pin is on the smaller side at .86″ tall. Pickle comes single posted and can be yours for only $5.44 (what a dill?). Pickle will make any great addition to a food, pickle or faces pin collection.

And as usual, be sure to visit Doodles from my Brain’s Etsy Shop for some other great hand-drawn pins and check out Daniel Hill’s Instagram for some other great Doodles.

Pickle Enamel Pin Pickle

Featured Pin #29 – Little Light

Today guardians celebrate the launch of Destiny 2 from Bungie. To join in on the fun, we’re featuring “Little Light” from Two Ghouls Press. These newly released Destiny ghost enamel pins mark the perfect featured pin(s) for D2 launch day.

Little Light comes as you might expect any Destiny item would; with a little RNG. There are a total of 6 variant ghost enamel pins (including an exotic unknown mystery variant) and an order will net you a randomly selected pin. For those who like stats, this rarity guide will help:

  • White – 1:4
  • Blue – 1:5
  • Pink – 1:5
  • Red – 1:6
  • Green – 1:10
  • Mystery – 1:10

Little Lights soft enamel pins are single posted, 1.25″ tall, come in various platings/colors and are currently going for $9.00 each.

So what are you waiting for? Order up one (or more) of these awesome Little Light lapel pins, check out Two Ghouls Shop and get back to mowing down some Cabal.

See you starside.

Destiny Ghost "Little Light" Enamel Pin Little Light

Deal of the Week – Avocado Edition

It’s an avocado showdown! Well, not really but we are featuring two avocado enamel pins! Both just happen to be soft enamel avocado pins, both just happen to have smiley faces, both are at great prices and both are super awesome! So with that, here’s your fill of fruit for the week!

Brown Paper FoxVisit Etsy Shop
Avocado Details (White Background):

  • 1″ Tall
  • Soft Enamel
  • Black Metal Plating
  • $6.80

Avocado Purchase Link

Jessica WoodhouseVisit Etsy Shop
The Friendly Avocado Details (Purple Background):

  • .75″ Tall
  • Soft Enamel
  • Black Metal Plating
  • $6.70

The Friendly Avocado Purchase Link

Avocado Enamel Pin Avocado
The Friendly Avocado Enamel Pin The Friendly Avocado