Deal of the Week – Classic Jack O’Lantern

Halloween is almost here but there’s still some time to catch a deal before the month is over! Crumby Pins have three still going for just $4.80 but only through the 31st. You’ve got one more day to grab one of these great Halloween enamel pins.

Below are a few quick details. Check them out and don’t hesitate to act on these before their price increases.

Classic Jack O’Lantern
1.25″ soft enamel pin. Beautiful colors and design. Limited to 100. View pin.

Black Cat Halloween
1.25″ soft enamel. Inspired by vintage Beistle paper decorations. Limited to 50 and available as a Glow in the Dark variant.

BRB Gravestone
1.25″ soft enamel. Limited edition of 100.

Be sure to visit Crumby Pins Etsy shop and the Crumby Pins website for more great pins.

Classic Jack O'Lantern Enamel Pin Classic Jack O’Lantern
Black Cat Halloween Enamel Pin Black Cat Halloween
BRB Gravestone Enamel Pin BRB Gravestone

Featured Pin – Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner

Stranger Things 2 is out this Friday and to celebrate we’re only adding Stranger Things enamel pins to the website for the next two days. We’re kicking it off with this Stranger Things pin from Arcadedaze for our featured pin of the week.

The Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner pin is the third variant in this series and also the final. No more of them will be made so this is the last chance you’ll have to pick one up.

Shadowfell Deluxe is a two-tiered enamel pin at 1.75″ and also glows in the dark. It has an antique copper plating and two posts. The background colors in this variant are muted and glow in the dark as a bright green and blue. The top tier of this pin with antique plating spins so you can change the upside-down as you please.

Don’t miss out on the last chance to one of the pins from this amazing series! You can pick up Shadowfell Deluxe for $22.00 from Arcadedaze. Be sure to visit their shop and follow Arcadedaze on Instagram to catch some of their other amazing pin releases you won’t want to miss!

Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner Enamel Pin Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner

Deal of the Week – Nebula Night Bat

Another week, another deal! While browsing pins this last week we noticed a price drop on the Nebula Night Bat enamel pin from Dark Minotaur and it’s a perfect fit for our deal of the week.

This might be the cheapest pin we’ve ever featured. The Nebula Night Bat enamel pin is currently just $3.83. Nebula Night Bat is a hard enamel pin with silver plating and measures in at 1.3″. It features galaxies, stars and constellations within the wings. This pin is absolutely perfect for any space or bat enamel pin collectors and with that price, it’s just too good to pass up!

If you like pin deals, you definitely will want to check out the other pins currently from Dark Minotaur’s Etsy shop. Don’t miss the chance to take a look at the Pierce the Voodoo Heart and Freakshow Monkey enamel pins!

Nebula Night Bat Enamel Pin Nebula Night Bat

Pin Filtering and Pin Detail Changes

We have several new updates across the site to share! We’ve recently moved hosting and the site has been operating much faster than before; we’re very pleased with that and additional speed improvements in the works.

We’re ready to roll out pin filtering. Filtering has been added to the main pin listing page and can be accessed at the top by clicking the new filter tab. We think this is coolest way to find pins quickly. Filtering allows you to quickly narrow down all pins in the database by things like price, size, color and more. Using the filter immediately returns the updated pins without having to wait for a page reload. This is a huge time saver as you can quickly sort all pins for very specific interests like 1.25″ Glow in the Dark enamel pins. It’s awesome and you can click here to check it out!

Pin Colors Color links have been updated to take advantage of the new filter. Clicking on a color from a pins page will take you directly to the filter with that color selected allowing you to quickly find similar colored pins.

Pin Type Pin material been swapped for “Pin Type”. This is used to describe if the pin is a Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, Die Cast, etc.

Plating We have moved plating types away from the old “Pin Material” identifier. As we move forward, old pins will be updated with their appropriate plating. This will require a lot of work to update all lapel pins in the database but it will be worth the effort for the ability to search or filter by your favorite plating.

Attachments Pins can now have attachments. This includes features such as magnets, LED’s, hinges, chains, sliders, spinners and more. The first attachment pin added was “Friday the Meeseek“.

Seller Links If a seller has a logo, we’ve added it right up front next to the name of the pin and above its image. This link takes you directly to the sellers page on PinInn. This helps clearly establish which seller created the pin with the intention of branding the pin more closely to the appropriate shop. We’ve also moved the link and pricing for a pin to this area so a visitor can get quickly get to the original URL of the pin and hopefully make that purchase!

Since this update includes changes with how color works we thought it was appropriate to feature this RGB Hard Enamel pin from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes!

We’ve got a lot more in the works and we’ll have another update soon!

RGB Hard Enamel Pin RGB

Featured Pin – Jar of Eyeballs

This month is flying by and we’re already down to the last few weeks of the month. We’ve had our eyes (hah) on a few “In a Bottle” pins for the month and Jar of Eyeballs won out this week as it has recently returned to stock.

Jar of Eyeballs is a 1.14″ soft enamel pin with black dyed plating. It comes single posted and features 5 colors and also glows in the dark! It’s the perfect pin for the bottle pin collectors out there like us and would also go great with any monster or Halloween enamel pin collections. It can be yours for $9.25 from Rob Birchall’s shop “Object“.

Be sure to keep a lookout for new pin releases coming from this shop and be sure to follow thisisobject on Instagram.

Jar of Eyeballs Enamel Pin Jar of Eyeballs

Deal of the Week – Thriller Jacket

“It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurkin’ in the dark
Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes,
You’re paralyzed”

Our deal of the week is this amazing Thriller Jacket Enamel Pin from YouCantGoBack. This pin was inspired by the iconic music video we all know, love and won’t ever get tired of watching. This is a soft enamel pin with black plating and has a red enamel fill. It comes in at 1.25″ tall and can be yours for just $6.86. There is not much else to say other than several other reviewers loved this pin and it’s not to miss for any Michael Jackson, Halloween or music collector out there.

While you’re considering this pin, be sure to check out to check out YouCantGoBacks Etsy shop and take a look around!

Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket Enamel Pin Thriller Jacket

Featured Pin – Halloween Pizza

This weeks featured pin comes from i.heart.avocado. Halloween and Pizza is a mashup I knew nothing about before seeing this pin. I was very pleased to see it a celebrated combination which makes this pin all the more awesome.

The Halloween Pizza Enamel Pin comes in at 1.5 inches tall with black plating. This is a soft enamel pin with what looks to be 8 different enamel colors. It comes with double rubber clutches and features a perfectly simple and straightforward (bright and gummy) bug and worm design. Pizza enamel pins are a category that leave their collectors with a wide selection of options and this Halloween inspired pizza pin shouldn’t be looked over!

As usual, please check out i.heart.avocado’s Etsy shop for several other amazing enamel pins (We also love that Avocado Pumpkin).

Halloween Pizza Enamel Pin Halloween Pizza

Deal of the Week – Boo Buckets

These McDonald Happy Meal pails from 1989 may bring back some memories around this time of year. Boo Buckets were always a hit and it’s awesome to catch a pin that can hit you right in the feels.

Hope Sick delivers on this 1.5″ soft enamel Boo Buckets enamel pin. It features the three classic buckets just like the the original Halloween Happy Meal advertisement with McGoblin, McGhost, and McWitch. Boo Buckets comes with dual posts, glows in the dark and can be yours for just $7.50. If you’re feeling sparkly, Hope Sick also offers Glitter Boo Buckets for $8.50.

Be sure to check out Hope Sick’s Etsy shop for several other awesome Halloween Pins!

Boo Buckets Enamel Pin Boo Buckets

500 Pins!

We almost missed it but we just hit 500 pins! While that may not seem like much to some, it’s taken close to two years of work to get where we are today. Did you know that every enamel pin in our database is added manually? We often track extra details down through multiple accounts or sources, cross check as best we can and manually select all colors, add additional information and categorize/tag as best as possible.

We have so much great content and features in the works we can’t wait for you to see what’s ahead. We’ve improved our process greatly over the last 6 months and pins will be coming in faster and more consistently moving forward. Our next checkin is at 1,000 and we’re going to work hard to hit it much sooner!

Congratulations to our 500th pin, Rickenstein V2 from Ghoul Kids Society! Rick and Morty with Halloween, you can’t ask for anything better than that!

Rickenstein V2 Enamel Pin Rickenstein v2

Featured Pin – Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin

I don’t know what it is about vintage Halloween props but that old-school art and design always comes with an extra dose of eerie. It makes vintage Halloween so mesmerizing to look at it. This combination plays perfectly with this Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Hard Enamel Pin from Skulduggery Co.

Skulduggery’s 1.5” folk art pumpkin enamel pin has just the right amount of “Aww” and “Ahh!”. We love the artistic choices made with the use of black nickel plating as a hard enamel finish for its design.

This Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Pin can be yours for just $9.00 from Skulduggery’s etsy shop. This pin comes as a two color design with dual posts. Don’t miss this if pumpkins or Halloween are your thing!

Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Enamel Pin Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin