Featured Pin – Four Elf Food Groups

We’re just 5 days away from Christmas! To celebrate the love of Christmas movies this week we’re featuring this awesome pin creation inspired by one of our favorite Christmas movies, Elf.

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.” The Four Elf Food Groups enamel pin is 1.1″, gold plated with a soft enamel. We absolutely love the design work and lettering. It’s also a limited run so don’t wait for too long. You can snag one for just $8.00 from Jenna Thompson Art’s Etsy shop.

New pins will continue to be added but this will be our last blog post until the holidays have passed. We’ll see you in 2018 and can’t wait to show you some of the exciting projects that are in the works!

Four Elf Food Groups Enamel Pin Four Elf Food Groups

Deal of the Week – Holiday Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Nothing brings in the holiday like a good peppermint flavored beverage. We found some great $5.00 holiday pins from MoPins and had to share this one for our Deal of the Week.

The Holiday Peppermint Hot Chocolate Enamel Pin is a 1.75″ silver plated, hard enamel pin from MoPins. It features 5 colors and comes with double posts. We love the tiny smiley face, overall design and for $5.00, you can’t go wrong.

Be sure to check out MoPins holiday pins from their store. You can also snag all three of their holiday pins in a bundle for just $12.00.

Holiday Peppermint Hot Chocolate Enamel Pin Holiday Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Featured Pin – Han Solo Blaster

Isn’t it nice that every year we can look forward to a new Star Wars movie? We’re just a day away from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and we’re adding some extra Star Wars enamel pins around the site to set the mood. Speaking of, we ran across this awesome Han Solo blaster and liked it so much we had to feature it.

The Han Solo Blaster Enamel Pin is 1.75″ x1″ and features “Scoundrel” lettering across the top of Han’s iconic weapon. This is a hard enamel pin and comes in either silver or gold antique metal variants. It’s also double posted so it’s going to stay wherever you pin it. While we all have to wait another year to see a young Han Solo return on the screen it shouldn’t stop you from grabbing this stellar pin for just $10.00.

Be sure to visit MacGuffin Goods Etsy shop for some other amazing pins. We are loving MacGuffin’s Star Wars Mann’s Chinese Theater enamel pin.

Star Wars Han Solo Blaster Enamel Pin Han Solo Blaster

Deal of the Week – Santa Skull

Just when you start to think you’ve seen all the good enamel pin mashups out there one like Santa Skull comes in to crush your expectations. Then you find out it’s marked down and your Christmas implodes.

Santa Skull is a 1.25″ soft enamel pin with black plating. It features a simple gray, red and white enamel color scheme. It’s full of details and you can’t help but appreciate every last one of them. It’s a steal at $6.00. If you collect skull pins you should already have clicked the link to buy, why are you still reading?

Be sure to check out Patrick Helium’s Etsy store for tons of other great enamel pins (several Batman inspired enamel pins).

Santa Skull Enamel Pin Santa Skull

Featured Pin – Reuben from Anatomy Park

We’re looking for the best Santa enamel pins to add to your holiday lapel pin collection. This one comes from Season 1, Episode 3 of Rick and Morty “Anatomy Park” that aired December 16th, 2013. After all, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without some Rick and Morty to bring in the new year.

Reuben from Anatomy Park enamel pin is 2″ soft enamel pin with dual posts and black plating. The Reuben Ridley pin is a limited edition of 100 and goes for just $9.99 from Outlandy’s shop. The ultimate Rick and Morty fans will certainly appreciate this one and wear their Reuben proudly on the OUTSIDE.

Be sure to visit Outlandy’s shop for some other great pins. Don’t forget to follow Outlandy on Instagram for the latest enamel pin releases.

Reuben from Anatomy Park Enamel Pin Reuben from Anatomy Park

Deal of the Week – Cute Starry-Eyed Reindeer

The holidays are approaching and we’re starting off Christmas enamel pins with a great Deal of the Week from seller Grumpy Goods.

The Cute Starry-Eyed Reindeer hard enamel pin is 1.25″ in size. It has a gold plating with a red and white enamel. This pin is limited to only 100 pieces and goes for just $6.25. This pin would make a great gift or stocking stuffer and there’s still plenty time to order (but don’t wait too long!).

Be sure to follow Grump Goods Etsy shop for other great holiday themed pins.

Cute Starry-Eyed Reindeer Enamel Pin Cute Starry-Eyed Reindeer