Featured Pin – Turn It Up!

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a classic vinyl record. Yes, we know your digital playlist is impressive but nothing compares to the thrill of hunting down that flea market record find or having that record in hand when your internet connection goes bust.

The Turn It Up! enamel pin is the perfect pin for the musical or vinyl collector. It’s got everything you’d want in a music lapel pin. Beautiful design, great lettering. It comes 1″ in size so it’s not too large or too small. There are also multiple finishes to choose from like the vintage antique gold or antique silver plating available as a die cast. The standard soft enamel version comes with your choice or gold or silver plating. All versions come single posted and go for just $8.00.

Be sure to visit PSDesignCo’s Etsy shop for some other great pin designs.

Turn It Up Enamel Pin Turn It Up!

Deal of the Week – Taco Love

This week we’re talking about tacos! Taco enamel pins are super popular and why wouldn’t they be? We all love tacos and this pin is the perfect way to show it everywhere you go. With Valentine’s day around the corner we wanted to feature this delightful mashup.

The Taco Love hard enamel pin is a 1″ tall heart shaped pin. It’s a fun and simple design that comes single posted with three color variations: red, green, and pink. For only $6.00, you too can express yourself and show off your one true love this Valentine’s day.

Be sure to check out the Dream Maker Pins Etsy shop for over 150 enamel pins! Lots of other great deals in this shop you won’t want to miss!

Taco Love Enamel Pin Taco Love

Featured Pin – Binocular Vision

This year we’re planning on spending a lot more time outdoors and you could say that we’ve had nature lapel pins on our radar. We came across this awesome outdoor enamel pin series from National Dry Goods and had to feature one of the awesome pins from the set!

The Binocular Vision hard enamel pin measures .9″. This is a brass plated pin and features three color fills (navy, salmon and white) and currently goes for just $10.00. We have reached out to confirm if this pin has single or dual posts and will update this post as soon as we hear back. As we mentioned earlier, this pin is one from a set of three outdoor themed with matching designs. The brass pin set is absolutely stunning and the full set goes for just $26.00.

Be sure to visit the National Dry Goods shop and check out their other awesome pin sets and designs.

Binocular Vision Enamel Pin Binocular Vision

Deal of the Week – Spork

Invented in 1874, the spork to this day is still an everyday office “must-have”. Don’t be that person caught carrying both a fork and spoon, live in the now and carry the Swiss army knife of cutlery (now on your lapel or in your lunchbox)!

The Spork enamel pin comes in either gold or silver plating. It features a simple white enamel fill and measures 1.25″ in length. This pin is a soft enamel and comes with a single, rubber clutch. It can be yours for a simple $6.00 and while it might not be as functional as the real deal, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than what you’ll find on Amazon.

Be sure to check out Peterrabbit86’s Etsy shop for a bunch of other great enamel pin deals ranging anywhere from just $6.00 to $12.00.

Spork Enamel Pin Spork

Featured Pin – Vacation

We’ve had record lows in the Midwest this year and right now all I want to think about is the summer and getting out of this single digit weather. Our pin pick this weeks makes me smile and will help remind you that warmer days are just around the corner!

The vacation enamel pin is a small .75″ circular, hard enamel pin. It comes silver plated and is single posted. This simplistic design with light use of glitter enamel for the ocean water makes this a pin that brings happiness to look upon it. This tiny vacation reminder can be yours for just $10.00 from Nate Duval’s Etsy shop.

Be sure to check out Nate Duval’s Etsy shop for tons of other great pins. If you liked this weeks featured pin then don’t miss Nate’s other similarly styled pins like: Camping, Mountain, Desert, and Ocean.

Vacation Enamel Pin Vacation

Deal of the Week – Brew For Two

We’ve been a little short on time the last week as we’re in the process of moving our home and offices so this week’s posts will be a bit shorter than usual but still just as deal worthy!

Brew For Two is our pick at just $6.00. If you like sharing the occasional drink with friends than this beer enamel pin might peak your interest. Brew For Two is a 2″ silver plated hard enamel pin. It comes single posted and can be yours from the One Sic Puppy Denim Co’s Etsy shop.

One Sic Puppy Denim Co has several other deal worthy pins at $5.00 and $6.00 so be sure to visit their shop and browse around!

Brew For Two Enamel Pin Brew For Two

Featured Pin – Derpy Shark

Did you know that sharks have been around for 400 million years? That pre-dates dinosaurs and trees! Did you know that sharks may have up to 3,000 teeth at a time and that they continuously grow multiple rows? Sharks can be scary but we love our sea creatures enamel pins and this is why we’re featuring a “not-so-scary” shark pin that we think will get a laugh.

Derpy Shark is a 1″ hard enamel pin from seller/maker Pocket Sushi. This pin has a silver plating with a simple three color enamel fill and is just single posted due to the size. Although not a limited edition there is just something about this artwork that captures the essence of a derpy shark and I gotta say, it was pulled off brilliantly. We think anyone who collects sharks, or sea creature pins would get a kick out of this pin and wouldn’t want to miss it. Derpy shark goes for just $10.00.

We’re stoked to add this awesome pin to the featured lapel pins page! Be sure to check out Pocket Sushi’s Etsy page for some other awesome enamel pins. We’ll continue to keep our hopes up and our eyes open for more “Derpy” designs in the coming year!

Derpy Shark Enamel Pin Derpy Shark

Deal of the Week – Piñata

We’re in from the Holidays and ready to get back into the swing of things. While looking for an appropriate pin to start out the new year we ran across this colorful Piñata pin that we couldn’t pass up for the first Deal of the Week going into 2018.

The Piñata enamel pin is designed and sold from Holly Coral’s Etsy shop. The Piñata animal pin is a soft enamel and measures in at .78″. Since this is a smaller pin, it’s just single posted but packs in tons of colors in its available ssize. This adorable pin is currently on sale for just $6.88 which is 30% off its regular price.

Be sure to visit Holly Coral’s Etsy shop where you can find several other enamel pins currently on sale for 30% off.

Piñata Enamel Pin Piñata