Featured Pin – Red Can

We recently discovered the splendid Etsy shop Serious About this week and knew we wanted to feature something from the their selection of over 48 pins. They’ve got everything from cameras to coffee and tons of stuff in between. It was impossible to select just one but we decided on the Red Can enamel pin because we’ve never seen a crushed soda can in enamel pin form!

Red Can is a 1.1″ soft enamel pin. It comes single posted and has a black dyed plating. We particularly liked the art and energy bolt graphic design on the front and since this one comes with a blue variant it’s our featured pin of the week! Each of these go for just $9.00 from Serious About’s Etsy shop.

Don’t miss out on the great artwork and tons of unique pins from their Esty store. We’re sure if you stop and visit, you won’t want to leave empty handed. We warned you!

Red Can Enamel Pin Red Can

Deal of the Week – Happy Poop

If you’ve been holding out on completing your emoji enamel pin collection then we’ve got a great deal for you.

The Happy Poop emoji pin is a .75″ soft (heh) enamel pin and is currently on sale for just $4.00! This gold plated pin will fit right along with any pin collection or would make a great starter pin as a gift!

Be sure to visit No Fun Press for some other great lapel pins!

Happy Poop Enamel Pin Happy Poop

Featured Pin – Tardigrade Tough

We stumbled upon the first Tardigrade (Water Bear) enamel pin we have ever seen and what do you know, it’s got 5 variants! If you’re not familiar with this micro-animal we encourage you to take a few minutes and learn the water bear’s secret!

The Tardigrade Tough enamel pin is a soft enamel pin that comes in five different variants. All are 1.25″ in size. The variants are:

  • Original (Pink)
  • Aqua Glitter (Featured Here)
  • Black Glitter
  • Rainbow White
  • Rainbow Black

We thought this was a unique pin and really enjoy the lettering work with the message behind our favorite little creatures. We especially love the glitter treatment on the aqua variant which we are showing here. Currently going for $12.00 you can pick up a deal for $6.00 on the black glitter variant if you don’t mind it being seconds!

Be sure to check out Sharptooth Snail for a few other creature and animal enamel pins.

Tardigrade Tough Enamel Pin Tardigrade Tough

Deal of the Week – Still Puft

Over a year of blogging and adding pins and we realized that we have never entered any wooden pins. That’s about to change! Wooden pins aren’t going away and especially not with sellers like Jake Mize who is creating some amazing pins at insanely reasonable prices. We’re excited for this to be our jumping off point for wooden pins and we’ll be keeping an eye out moving forward.

The Wooden Pin has so many to choose from we decided to go with this Still Puft Wooden pin because it made us laugh and I don’t remember the last time we added a Ghostbusters pin. Still Puft is a 1.2″ wooden pin. This one comes single posted and is as expected, laser engraved. We loved the design and it’s such a unique pin for any Ghostbusters fan out there. You can pick this one up for just $6.00.

Be sure to visit The Wooden Pin’s store where all wooden pins are just $6.00. They have tons of pop culture and movie themed pins. Zelda and comic fans will also appreciate their offerings. Don’t pass up the chance to make a visit!

Still Puft Wooden Pin Still Puft

Featured Pin – Planet Love

While the official day may be coming to a close it’s never too late to tell someone how much you love them. That’s why we’re giving you a second chance to give the gift of planet love!

The Planet Love enamel pin is a simply designed 1.25″ hard enamel pin. It’s a brass plating and has just a single color pink enamel fill. We often say the simpler the better and this one is no exception. This pin manages to convey it’s message with a simple heart, planet ring and a few sparkly stars. It’s such a great pin with a perfect design and we think you should pick it up today from Free Radicals for $8.00.

Visit Free Radicals to find even more enamel pins and if you’re fast enough, you can still snag an extra 20% off your order by using coupon code “vday” before the day is out.

Planet Love Enamel Pin Planet Love

Deal of the Week – Blinky Nibbler

What happens when you combine The Simpsons and Futurama? Simpsorama! I’ve always admired Blinky, the Simpsons three-eyed fish ever since I heard a story as a kid that a fisherman had caught a three-eyed fish out of our local lake from our city, Springfield. That’s no joke!

The Blinky Nibbler enamel pin comes from Embiggen Pins (sold by Flower Chainz) and is on sale for just $5.00. As of this post, there are only 26 of these remaining from a limited run of 100 total so there’s no time to wait on this one. Blinky Nibbler is a 1.40″ soft enamel pin at 1.4″ tall. We knew this deal was perfect for those who collect Simpson or Futurama enamel pins.

Be sure to visit Flower Chainz for several other Simpsorama pins which are currently on sale including Homer Jay Zoidberg, Turanga Marge, Sideshow Roberto, and Scruffy Flanders.

Blinky Nibbler Enamel Pin Blinky Nibbler

Featured Pin – Legend of Zelda Heart Container

It’s hard to believe that Breath of the Wild is almost a year old. We’re are STILL working our way through all there is to discover even year later and fully intend on making this stretch as long as possible. We were so pleased to hear from Little Shop of Pins who reached out to let us know of their amazingly beautiful Heart Container Zelda enamel pin that recently dropped just in time for Valentines Day.

This Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Heart Container pin is 3D molded Zinc with a red transparent enamel. It comes at 1.25″ in size and is backed with two red rubber clutches for security. This is an absolutely gorgeous pin for just $10.00 and it couldn’t have dropped at a better time just one week before Valentine’s Day. I don’t think think you’ll find a more fitting gift for the Zelda fan out there and this is a must for any Nintendo or Zelda collection. We’ve already placed our order, now it’s your turn! Hey, if we get enough of these moving maybe we can convince Little Shop of Pins to do a matching stamina vessel?

Be sure to visit Little Shop of Pins website for some other great enamel pins and be sure to give them a follow on their Instagram!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Heart Container Enamel Pin Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Heart Container

Deal of the Week – Vintage Toy

Did you know the Etch A Sketch was introduced in 1960? It’s one of those classic toys that doesn’t seem to ever go out of style. We lost countless hours as kids sketching away with those little plastic knobs. While looking for deals this week, we jumped at the chance to feature this vintage toy pin.

This Vintage Toy enamel pin is a small 1″ pin that comes in a soft enamel. It has a black nickel finish for plating and has the word “classic” etched across the screen. It’s the perfect pin for those who enjoy vintage, toys or lettering pins. These are on sale at a discounted price for just $5.00 and have some slight imperfections but don’t let hold you up.

Be sure to visit Little Goat Paper Co’s Etsy shop for a few other great enamel pins.

Vintage Toy Enamel Pin Vintage Toy