New Feature – Pinfunding!

We’ve launched a new feature to the site called Pinfunding! Crowdfunding for enamel pins has been our most requested topic and up until now, we’ve not had anything in place to do so and that’s changing!

The Pinfunding page will keep track of what new enamel pins are upcoming from all the crowdfunding platforms and artists out there. We’ve already added several to this section and more are in the works. We’re planning on reserving Friday’s for blog posts about Pinfunding so soon you’ll be seeing new content coming through.

Some of the features in the works:

  • Submit Your Pinfunding Campaign
  • Search Campaigns
  • Live Sorting
  • Linking Sellers and Pins to Campaigns
  • And more!

Ecospheres Nature Enamel Pins

To start things off, we’re bringing some attention to our first featured campaign called Ecospheres by Crystal Curtis. This campaign is bringing 4 fantastic nature and fantasy themed enamel pin scenes to life. Each pin will be 1.25″ and single posted.

  • Crystals Enamel Pin
  • Mushrooms Enamel Pin
  • Coral Enamel Pin
  • Desert Enamel Pin
  • Pines Enamel Pin (Unlocks at $5,000)

At the time of this post, this campaign has already been funded but there is still plenty of time to get in on the initial round with 17 days remaining. $12.00 will get you a single pin of your choice while $40.00 will net you the full set. Currently, this backed project is planned to deliver by July 2018.

Visit the Ecosphere’s Kickstarter Page to learn more and back this set!

Ecospheres Enamel Pin New Feature – Pinfunding!

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