Deals of the Week – Explosive Edition

There are so many sales happening, we’re calling this “Deals of the Week”. We’ve collected a decent list of the sales and coupon codes (if required) and formatted them below. If you know of any we missed, be sure to let us know and we’ll get it added. Happy shopping and 4th!

SimpPinsVisit Store
Select pins on sale for the next 48 hours.

Midnight SocietyVisit Store
20% Off the entire shop. Use code “FREEDOM” at checkout.

PinshipVisit Store
Buy any 3 pins, get a randomly selected 4th free.

Seventh InkVisit Store
Save 25% on your entire order. Use code “HAPPY4TH” at checkout. Free shipping on orders over $50.00.

Steez McGeeVisit Store
25% Off. Use code “WEDDIN” at checkout. Good until Wednesday, July 5th.

MoPinsVisit Store
Use code “sparkle” at checkout 25% off entire order of $10.00 or more. Good until Wednesday, July 5th.

Dot 2 Dot ArtVisit Store
20% off everything. Use code “INDEPENDENCE20” at checkout. Good until Wednesday, July 5th.

High Five PinsVisit Store
20% off store. Use code “FIREWORKS” at checkout. Good until Wednesday, July 5th.

PSA PressVisit Store
20% off all pins plus free mystery pin. Use code “4TH” at checkout. Good until Wednesday.

Gimme FlairVisit Store
Seasonal sale. Various discounts on many pins. Store link will take you directly to the sale items.

One Two PinVisit Store
Summer sale, save 30%. Use code “SEASTAR”. Good through Friday, June 7th.

Firework Enamel Pin Firework

Featured Pin #19 – Firefly Nights

Our featured pin this week comes from Lost Bayou. They have several, recently released designs and their pin offerings are starting to pile up!

The recent Firefly Nights is such a perfectly designed pin it was a no brainer for our featured section. Firefly Nights is a rounded 1″ hard enamel pin that is gold plated and the night sky features a black, glitter fill. This pin is a limited edition run for $12.00 so don’t wait around too long because this beautiful pin won’t be available forever!

Firefly Nights Enamel Pin Firefly Nights

Featured Pin #18 – PB&J

This weeks featured pin comes from one of our favorite pin makers PowerUpPins. Their Peanut Butter & Jelly Pin is a bread slice shaped soft enamel pin featuring “pb&j” characters. PB&J has a total of four bright colors on black nickel at just the right 1″ size. You can add this to your food pin collection for a mere $7.86.

If sandwich pins aren’t your thing you still need to make sure you visit PowerUpPins Etsy Shop to check out their other amazing designs!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Enamel Pin PB&J

Deal of the Week – Glitter Super Soaker

Summer is just getting started and when we found out Stupid Krap was having a sale, it was an easy pick for deal of the week!

The Glitter Super Soaker Soft Enamel Pin is 1.25″ inches wide with glitter embellishment on the water tank and is a limited edition of 100. This super soaker would make a perfect addition for any toy, weaponry or gun pin collections out there and is currently on sale for $5.00 AUD.

Don’t forget to check out the other pins on sale at Stupid Kraps Store.

Glitter Super Soaker Enamel Pin Glitter Super Soaker

Featured Pin #16 – Wolvergreen

We’re sticking with a comic theme this week and had a tough choice for our featured pin. Ultimately the Wolvergreen V2 Hard Enamel Pin by ZIGvrt came out victorious. This 1.5″ pin goes for $12.00 and is a limited edition of 50. Version 2 of this pin is a variant that has green glitter details in Wolverine’s mask. We think it’s amazing and a must have for any Wolverine or X-Men pin collector or fan. You can pick up this pin by visiting ZIGvrt’s website.

Wolvergreen V2 Enamel Pin Wolvergreen V2

Featured Pin #13 – Call It a Draw

It’s only a flesh wound! Our featured pin this week comes from Clay Grahamart. It’s hard to choose just one from Clay’s shop but this Monty Python Black Knight hard enamel Call It a Draw Pin takes the win (this time). It comes as 5 different pin pieces, each in an antique silver. The main torso pin even has a screen printed chest. This pin doesn’t come cheap at $25.00 but can you really put a price on happiness? I didn’t think so. Pin measurements posted below. Visit Clay Grahamart’s Shop for other fantastic pins and don’t forget to bring your wallet. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  • Torso: Double posts, 1.75″
  • Legs: Single post, 1.5″
  • Arms: Single post, 1.25″
Call it a Draw Enamel Pin Call It a Draw

Deal of the Week – Sorting Hat

I stumbled upon Fandom Flair Pins recently recently and couldn’t wait any longer to promote the Sorting Hat Enamel Pin. This pin comes at a reasonable $7.00 price tag, has a simple two color design, is 1.25″ tall and is a must own for any Harry Potter fan.

Be sure to visit FandomFlairPins on Etsy and check out their Harry Potter, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who and other amazing pins while you’re there!

Sorting Hat Enamel Pin Sorting Hat

Pins to Instagram

I mentioned awhile back that once we hit our 250th pin, I’d release a new feature for mobile that makes the process of sharing pins via Instagram easier. I’ve been using it for all of our Instagram posts and think it’s great. I’m excited to be able to open it up for everyone. Using this tool will even tag the appropriate seller if their Instagram ID is available in our system (All 188 current sellers have an attached Instagram ID).

To use the tool, just click on the Instagram icon on any pin detail page to get started. I am always looking for feedback so if you think of a useful addition, please let me know and I’ll look into adding it. Try it out by using the pin attached to this post!

Here are some things it does:

  • Quickly Choose Tag(s) by Tap
  • Add Your Own Custom Tags or Text (Or skip!)
  • Easily Save the Pin Image to Camera Roll
  • Formats the Post Text
  • Seller Credited in the Post Text
Instagram Enamel Pin Instagram

Featured Pin #12 – Pizza the Hutt

To go along with our Deal of the Week I figured we’d make this week pizza themed. I was browsing a few days ago and found this amazing Pizza the Hutt Pin by Miranda Dressler. I knew I had to have it. If you’re a Space Balls fan from 1987 or just a Mel Brooks admirer, you won’t regret this purchase. Pizza the Hutt is a soft enamel 1.25″ pin and appears to be single posted. So what are you waiting form? Show some support and pick up Pizza the Hutt from Miranda Dressler’s Etsy shop today!

Pizza the Hutt Enamel Pin Pizza the Hutt

Deal of the Week – Pizza Planet

I’ve known for awhile I wanted to start collecting planet pins (Pin Galaxy Board?!). I knew I couldn’t wait any longer once I saw this Pizza Planet Soft Enamel Pin on sale from Alex Strangler. The melting cheese, pepperoni pizza with crust ring planet pin is currently on sale for $6.99 and is a limited (numbered) edition of 100. Don’t wait too long to pick up Pizza Planet from Alex Strangler’s shop!

Pizza Planet Soft Enamel Pin Pizza Planet

Featured Pin #11 – Darth Maul

It’s not quite May the 4th but that’s not stopping us from featuring this amazing Darth Maul pin just released from BudzPinz. The 1.5″ black and red enamel pin is available from the BudzPinz Etsy shop for the extremely reasonable price of $7.50. Just released and already earns it place in the permanently featured pin section. This pin is a limited edition and will not be remade, so get them while they last!

Darth Maul Enamel Pin Darth Maul

Categories, Search and Other Improvements

Several new additions and updates going into the weekend. You can now find these changes when browsing:

  • Categories have been introduced to individual pin pages for new ways to discover pins.
  • Search site has been added to the footer.
  • Search site currently searches Pins, Sellers, Blogs, Categories, Tags, Sections and more.
  • Seller browsing layouts have been improved.
  • Discover other pins has been replaced by “Similarly Tagged Pins”.
  • Some icons have been added to headings to make the inn nicer.
Computer Love Enamel Pin Computer Love

Deal of the Week – Ice Cream Pin

Our deal of the week comes from Strange Ways. They have recently marked down this 3D molded and hard enamel Ice Cream pin to $5.99 designed by These Are Things. You’ll need to follow the link in this post to get to the $5.99 price as this is a reseller who has marked down the cost on the pin. This pin is gold accented and has some great details in its simplicity. It measures in at 1.25″ tall and would make a great purchase for anyone collecting desserts or food related pins! Get it today for just 5.99 at Strange Ways.

Ice Cream Enamel Pin Ice Cream

24 Columns

We have switched to a 24 column layout and moved the site to 100% of the browser width. This means a few things:

  • Pins display better on larger screens and monitors.
  • We can now fit up to 40 pins per page instead of 30.
  • Pins may be displayed larger in size on many pages.
  • Allows us more flexibility with layouts.
  • Website extends to the full width of the browser window.
CSS Enamel Pin CSS

Featured Pin #9 – Awesome Mix Volume 2

With Guardians of the Galaxy just around the corner there is no better way to celebrate than with this Awesome Mix Volume 2 pin from MoPins. This hard enamel 1.5″ pin is made with a gold metal and it goes perfect with the retro brown, red and tan color scheme. Recently, MoPins released a black and silver variation as well. Both currently go for just $10.00.

Awesome Mix Volume 2 Enamel Pin Awesome Mix Volume 2

Easter Site Updates

Happy Easter! Here are some recent website happenings:

  • Pin correction form is now at the top of all individual pin pages.
  • Deals Archive, Featured Archive and Blog Archive pages are now available to browse, links in footer.
  • Seller pages have been updated, secondary navigation with new ways to discover sellers has been added.
  • Featured sellers section has been built, more information coming soon.
  • We have completed a new social pin sharing feature that is now in testing, planning to launch at 250 pins!
Yoshi Egg Enamel Pin Yoshi Egg

Featured Pin #8 – Hourglass

While looking through pins this week I couldn’t wait any longer to pick up this great pin from NoHours. This simple Hourglass soft enamel pin has such incredible detail in its 1.2″ size. It was easily my pick for featured pin of the week and its simple color scheme should fit right at home with anyone’s pin collection. The price was recently lowered so you can still pick up the Hourglass limited edition (out of 100) pin currently only $8.00.

Hourglass Enamel Pin Hourglass