Deal of the Week – Sunglasses

We were actually doing some regular check ups on space ship pins and found our deal of the week. We figured we should bring some extra awareness to this shop and wanted to make sure everyone knew about these awesome Sunglasses.

The Sunglasses enamel pin from Look To New Heights is a soft enamel pin. It measures 1″ wide and features a silver plating. This pin has a single orange enamel coloring and comes dual posted. We enjoy the simple design and liked the idea of everybody wearing around an extra pair of shades. This pin can be yours for a low $5.25.

Be sure to visit Look To New Heights on Etsy. They have a lot of space themed enamel pins and we own a few of them. Their pin quality is always great and reasonable shipping rates as well.

Sunglasses Enamel Pin Sunglasses

Deal of the Week – Classic Jack O’Lantern

Halloween is almost here but there’s still some time to catch a deal before the month is over! Crumby Pins have three still going for just $4.80 but only through the 31st. You’ve got one more day to grab one of these great Halloween enamel pins.

Below are a few quick details. Check them out and don’t hesitate to act on these before their price increases.

Classic Jack O’Lantern
1.25″ soft enamel pin. Beautiful colors and design. Limited to 100. View pin.

Black Cat Halloween
1.25″ soft enamel. Inspired by vintage Beistle paper decorations. Limited to 50 and available as a Glow in the Dark variant.

BRB Gravestone
1.25″ soft enamel. Limited edition of 100.

Be sure to visit Crumby Pins Etsy shop and the Crumby Pins website for more great pins.

Classic Jack O'Lantern Enamel Pin Classic Jack O’Lantern
Black Cat Halloween Enamel Pin Black Cat Halloween
BRB Gravestone Enamel Pin BRB Gravestone

Deal of the Week – Nebula Night Bat

Another week, another deal! While browsing pins this last week we noticed a price drop on the Nebula Night Bat enamel pin from Dark Minotaur and it’s a perfect fit for our deal of the week.

This might be the cheapest pin we’ve ever featured. The Nebula Night Bat enamel pin is currently just $3.83. Nebula Night Bat is a hard enamel pin with silver plating and measures in at 1.3″. It features galaxies, stars and constellations within the wings. This pin is absolutely perfect for any space or bat enamel pin collectors and with that price, it’s just too good to pass up!

If you like pin deals, you definitely will want to check out the other pins currently from Dark Minotaur’s Etsy shop. Don’t miss the chance to take a look at the Pierce the Voodoo Heart and Freakshow Monkey enamel pins!

Nebula Night Bat Enamel Pin Nebula Night Bat

Deal of the Week – Thriller Jacket

“It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurkin’ in the dark
Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes,
You’re paralyzed”

Our deal of the week is this amazing Thriller Jacket Enamel Pin from YouCantGoBack. This pin was inspired by the iconic music video we all know, love and won’t ever get tired of watching. This is a soft enamel pin with black plating and has a red enamel fill. It comes in at 1.25″ tall and can be yours for just $6.86. There is not much else to say other than several other reviewers loved this pin and it’s not to miss for any Michael Jackson, Halloween or music collector out there.

While you’re considering this pin, be sure to check out to check out YouCantGoBacks Etsy shop and take a look around!

Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket Enamel Pin Thriller Jacket

Deal of the Week – Boo Buckets

These McDonald Happy Meal pails from 1989 may bring back some memories around this time of year. Boo Buckets were always a hit and it’s awesome to catch a pin that can hit you right in the feels.

Hope Sick delivers on this 1.5″ soft enamel Boo Buckets enamel pin. It features the three classic buckets just like the the original Halloween Happy Meal advertisement with McGoblin, McGhost, and McWitch. Boo Buckets comes with dual posts, glows in the dark and can be yours for just $7.50. If you’re feeling sparkly, Hope Sick also offers Glitter Boo Buckets for $8.50.

Be sure to check out Hope Sick’s Etsy shop for several other awesome Halloween Pins!

Boo Buckets Enamel Pin Boo Buckets

Deal of the Week – Angry Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin

It’s time! Halloween is here this month we’ll be focusing on the thousands of Halloween pins out there. To get us started we’ve got this awesome Jack-O’-Lantern from Grumpy Goods.

Angry Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin soft enamel pin has a simple 2 color design and comes in at 1.25″. This pin is single posted and has just the right amount of sinister for a pumpkin. You can pick up this awesome halloween pin for just $6.25 from Grumpy Goods Etsy Shop.

Angry Jack-O'-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin Angry Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin

Deal of the Week – Death Rainbow

I wasn’t sure what pin would be right for the last Deal of the Week in September. Then I found these Death Rainbow enamel pins. It’s the perfect mashup before the Halloween madness begins. Death Rainbow is a collaboration between Jad Dovey and Alex Strangler.

Death Rainbow is a 1.5″ limited edition, soft enamel pin. It features several color enamel fills and comes in either a “Dark” or “Pastel” variant.

Death Rainbow Pastel Version – 1.5″ limited edition, silver hard enamel pin. Colorway by Alex Strangler.
Death Rainbow Dark Version – 1.5″ limited edition, soft enamel black with dyed plating. Colorway by Jad Dovey.

Both go for an appropriately priced $6.66 from Jad Dovey’s Etsy shop or $7.99 from Alex Strangler’s Shop.

Death Rainbow Enamel Pin Death Rainbow (Dark)
Death Rainbow Pastel Enamel Pin Death Rainbow (Pastel)

Deal of the Week – Radioactive Dave

I came across this pin months ago and was upset when I didn’t bookmark it for a follow up. I was relived to have stumbled upon it again last week and just in time for it to be on sale!

Radioactive Dave is a soft enamel pin that measures 1.5″ tall. This pin has 7 color fills and is plated with a gold tone finish. Radioactive Dave is also a limited run of 50, so he won’t be around forever. He’s currently on sale for $6.00 and would make an awesome addition to your Halloween pin collection or maybe a spooky gift for a friend.

Be sure to check out Frolik Studio’s Etsy shop for some other stunning pins!

Radioactive Dave Enamel Pin Radioactive Dave

Deal of the Week – Pickle

We recently discovered the awesome pins from Daniel Hill’s shop “Doodles from my Brain“. Daniel’s pins are all created from his hand-drawn doodles. We can’t help but love them all and think you will too! We could have easily picked any pin from his shop but the “Pickle” doodle won us over with that grin.

Pickle soft enamel pin is on the smaller side at .86″ tall. Pickle comes single posted and can be yours for only $5.44 (what a dill?). Pickle will make any great addition to a food, pickle or faces pin collection.

And as usual, be sure to visit Doodles from my Brain’s Etsy Shop for some other great hand-drawn pins and check out Daniel Hill’s Instagram for some other great Doodles.

Pickle Enamel Pin Pickle

Deal of the Week – Avocado Edition

It’s an avocado showdown! Well, not really but we are featuring two avocado enamel pins! Both just happen to be soft enamel avocado pins, both just happen to have smiley faces, both are at great prices and both are super awesome! So with that, here’s your fill of fruit for the week!

Brown Paper FoxVisit Etsy Shop
Avocado Details (White Background):

  • 1″ Tall
  • Soft Enamel
  • Black Metal Plating
  • $6.80

Avocado Purchase Link

Jessica WoodhouseVisit Etsy Shop
The Friendly Avocado Details (Purple Background):

  • .75″ Tall
  • Soft Enamel
  • Black Metal Plating
  • $6.70

The Friendly Avocado Purchase Link

Avocado Enamel Pin Avocado
The Friendly Avocado Enamel Pin The Friendly Avocado

Deal of the Week – Petite Skull

We’ve recently decided that we love to find tiny pins! They’re great for pinning in unique locations and filling those small spaces on a pin board. We’ve created a tag for these moving forward called “Tiny Pins” and will start filling out this section with any pin less than .5″. These Petite Skull pins by The Radly will do just the trick to get started! The Petite Skulls come in at just .5″ for only $6.00. There are two unique designs:

Be sure to visit “The Radly’s Etsy Shop” for some other unique pin designs.

Petite Skull Enamel Pin Petite Skull

Deal of the Week – Snake Oil

Last week we featured our first seconds pin for Deal of the Week and this week we’re doing the same with this amazing pin from Lilly Baik.

Snake Oil Seconds are 1.25″ copper plated pins. They have black and white coloring and are finished as a hard enamel. These are seconds pins, so they may have some flaws. Check the guide below for pricing and details. If you’d prefer the original pin in all its perfectness, you can grab it for $10.00 on Lilly Baiks Store.

  • A Grade: $7.00
  • B Grade: $6.00
  • C Grade: $4.00

Grade A: Very minor flaws, such as tiny specks or scratches, or slight overpolishing.
Grade B: Slightly more noticeable flaws including but not limited to scratches, dust specks, underpolishing, etc.
Grade C: These may include the same flaws such as the ones stated above, but more prominently and noticeably, such as several larger dust specks or scratches in the enamel.

Snake Oil Enamel Pin Snake Oil

Deal of the Week – Happy Black Bear

This week I am featuring these amazing B-Grade listings from the Etsy Shop Mochichito. Their Happy Black Bear pin has been sold out but these B-Grade versions with some residual surface imperfections are still available for 40% off. While I can’t vouch for every sellers seconds, I have had very good luck with all I’ve purchased from and have never once regretted a seconds or B-Grade purchase and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up one of these!

Happy Black Bear is a 1″ wide hard enamel pin with a silver nickel finish and black enamel. The B-Grade pins are going for just $6.00 from their Etsy shop. Be sure to check out the listing description for additional details.

Happy Black Bear Enamel Pin Happy Black Bear

Deal of the Week – Witches Brew

It was a close call for Deal of the Week. This bottle pin from BlackCatPresssUK edged its way to the top due to price and size. Witches Brew is a small .78″ single posted soft enamel pin and goes for just $7.41. The simplicity of this pin, the bottle’s shape and skull makes it too neat to pass up. Lets not forget the obvious that this pin would go great with any skull, halloween or in a bottle pin collection.

As always, be sure to check out BlackCatPressUK’s Etsy shop for some other low priced pins while their still in stock.

Witches Brew Hard Enamel Pin Witches Brew

Deal of the Week – Council of Ricks

I hope you like Rick and Morty pins. With the show back on air and all the recent pin drops it’s almost impossible to avoid it. We’re going to just roll with it and that’s why this weeks deal is the Rick and Morty: Council of Ricks Soft Enamel Pin from Pintertainment720. This pin measures 2″ wide and features three council members: Rick Prime (Left), Quantum Rick (Middle) and Zeta Alpha Rick (Right). Council of Ricks is a limited edition of 50, goes for only $8.00 bucks and is currently in stock.

Be sure to visit Pintertainment720’s etsy page for some other great pins (loving those Venture Bros pins).

Council of Ricks Enamel Pin Council of Ricks

Deal of the Week – Believe in Magic

We found some pins on sale happening at Old English Co’s Etsy shop. They have several pins that are marked down to just $4.72! The Believe in Magic pin won us over with its simplistic design and color. This pin is roughly 1.1″ inches and comes as a hard enamel pin with gold plating and black enamel. While there is no knowledge if these are a limited edition, they are still on sale so I wouldn’t hold out too long if you’re interested (we bought ours!).

I’m also attaching the It’s Ok Enamel Pin (also on sale for $4.72) below as a special mention! Be sure and visit Old English Co’s Etsy store for other great pins and a few others on sale!

Believe in Magic Enamel Pin Believe in Magic
It's Okay Enamel Pin It’s Ok

Deal of the Week – Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper

This weeks pin has all you could ever want for a deal of the week. This Star Wars and TMNT mashup pin features Leonardo sporting his twin katana while wearing a stormtrooper helmet. I mean, what about that sentence doesn’t sell you on this pin? The only thing that could be better is the price. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper is currently on sale for just $5.22 USD from No Fit State Co. This 1.4″ soft enamel pin is a limited edition of 100 so don’t miss your chance to pick this up!

Also, if you like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper, be sure to pick up the Street Trooper Pin, also on sale from No Fit State’s Shop.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper Enamel Pin Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper

Deal of the Week – Yin-Yang Vintage

We caught this Gremlin & Mogwai mashup pin on sale this week and just had to bring some extra attention towards it. The Yin-Yang Vintage Gremlin’s inspired pin can be yours for just $7.00 from Pinaderia. This is a variant edition with a vintage epoxy coating and comes in at 2″ wide with dual posts. We love the impressive detail in this variant and the merging of the Mogwai and Gremlin are perfectly handled. As you know, don’t hesitate if you’re considering a purchase as the sale or pin may not last.

Also, if you like this variant, be sure to check out the original soft enamel version of Yin-Yang.

Yin-Yang Gremlins Enamel Pin Yin-Yang

Deals of the Week – Explosive Edition

There are so many sales happening, we’re calling this “Deals of the Week”. We’ve collected a decent list of the sales and coupon codes (if required) and formatted them below. If you know of any we missed, be sure to let us know and we’ll get it added. Happy shopping and 4th!

SimpPinsVisit Store
Select pins on sale for the next 48 hours.

Midnight SocietyVisit Store
20% Off the entire shop. Use code “FREEDOM” at checkout.

PinshipVisit Store
Buy any 3 pins, get a randomly selected 4th free.

Seventh InkVisit Store
Save 25% on your entire order. Use code “HAPPY4TH” at checkout. Free shipping on orders over $50.00.

Steez McGeeVisit Store
25% Off. Use code “WEDDIN” at checkout. Good until Wednesday, July 5th.

MoPinsVisit Store
Use code “sparkle” at checkout 25% off entire order of $10.00 or more. Good until Wednesday, July 5th.

Dot 2 Dot ArtVisit Store
20% off everything. Use code “INDEPENDENCE20” at checkout. Good until Wednesday, July 5th.

High Five PinsVisit Store
20% off store. Use code “FIREWORKS” at checkout. Good until Wednesday, July 5th.

PSA PressVisit Store
20% off all pins plus free mystery pin. Use code “4TH” at checkout. Good until Wednesday.

Gimme FlairVisit Store
Seasonal sale. Various discounts on many pins. Store link will take you directly to the sale items.

One Two PinVisit Store
Summer sale, save 30%. Use code “SEASTAR”. Good through Friday, June 7th.

Firework Enamel Pin Firework

Deal of the Week – Forever Alone Ghost

It was a close pick this week but ultimately this sad ghost pin won out by a slight advantage of cost and edition!

The Forever Alone Ghost Enamel Pin by Bombasine is currently on sale for only $6.00 (Normally $11.00). This pin is a limited edition of 100 and comes in at 1.5″ in size. It features white and gold colored edges with the words “Forever Alone” written across the pin in all caps. Although sad, it’s also adorable in a strange way so I guess it’s with mixed feelings that it’s our Deal of the Week!

As always, be sure to check out some of the other fantastic enamel pins from Bombasine’s shop!

Forever Alone Ghost Enamel Pin Forever Alone Ghost

Deal of the Week – Glitter Super Soaker

Summer is just getting started and when we found out Stupid Krap was having a sale, it was an easy pick for deal of the week!

The Glitter Super Soaker Soft Enamel Pin is 1.25″ inches wide with glitter embellishment on the water tank and is a limited edition of 100. This super soaker would make a perfect addition for any toy, weaponry or gun pin collections out there and is currently on sale for $5.00 AUD.

Don’t forget to check out the other pins on sale at Stupid Kraps Store.

Glitter Super Soaker Enamel Pin Glitter Super Soaker