Deal of the Week – Sorting Hat

I stumbled upon Fandom Flair Pins recently recently and couldn’t wait any longer to promote the Sorting Hat Enamel Pin. This pin comes at a reasonable $7.00 price tag, has a simple two color design, is 1.25″ tall and is a must own for any Harry Potter fan.

Be sure to visit FandomFlairPins on Etsy and check out their Harry Potter, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who and other amazing pins while you’re there!

Sorting Hat Enamel Pin Sorting Hat

Deal of the Week – Pizza Planet

I’ve known for awhile I wanted to start collecting planet pins (Pin Galaxy Board?!). I knew I couldn’t wait any longer once I saw this Pizza Planet Soft Enamel Pin on sale from Alex Strangler. The melting cheese, pepperoni pizza with crust ring planet pin is currently on sale for $6.99 and is a limited (numbered) edition of 100. Don’t wait too long to pick up Pizza Planet from Alex Strangler’s shop!

Pizza Planet Soft Enamel Pin Pizza Planet

Deal of the Week – Ice Cream Pin

Our deal of the week comes from Strange Ways. They have recently marked down this 3D molded and hard enamel Ice Cream pin to $5.99 designed by These Are Things. You’ll need to follow the link in this post to get to the $5.99 price as this is a reseller who has marked down the cost on the pin. This pin is gold accented and has some great details in its simplicity. It measures in at 1.25″ tall and would make a great purchase for anyone collecting desserts or food related pins! Get it today for just 5.99 at Strange Ways.

Ice Cream Enamel Pin Ice Cream

Deal of the Week – Sandwich Shark

You’ll want to visit 100% Soft’s store for our deal of the week. They have recently marked down a few of their pins and we couldn’t stop going back to the Sandwich Shark hard enamel pin as our favorite. It’s currently marked to $5.00. To get more info on the pin, click the image below. Also, if you’re a fan of predator, you might also check out their $5.00 Predator Bro pin as well.

Sandwich Shark Enamel Pin Sandwich Shark

Deal of the Week – 90’s Computer

Our deal this week hits us right in the feels. The 90’s Computer Pin from Laser Kitten will connect with anyone who owned an original “Bondi Blue” iMac in the day. The 1″ tall soft enamel lapel pin is uniquely illustrated and captures that bondi blue goodness when you see it in person. It’s currently marked down to $6.00 so it won’t break your bank account. Be sure to browse Laser Kitten’s shop for other $6.00 pins currently on sale.

90's Computer Enamel Pin 90’s Computer

Deal of the Week – Pastel Watermelon Pin

This pastel watermelon pin is on sale for roughly $6.00 from Pardon My Tone. The pin features awesome pastel colors and even purple, glitter seeds! Looks like shipping costs stay the same for multiple pins on international orders so be sure and pick up a few of their other awesome pastel pins while you’re there.

Pastel Watermelon Enamel Pin Pastel Watermelon