Email Subscriptions

You might be here because you’re curious about our email subscriptions. Here’s how they work!

If you sign up for a daily/weekly/monthly email notification from a section on the website, you’re only signing up for that specific notification. You won’t receive other offers or emails from us. Only the notification(s) you’ve signed up for. Our email sender will give you options to manage that subscription as you wish. You can opt out at any time for any reason or change which sections you’d like to receive emails about. It’s great and you’re in control!

How do the emails work?

Depending on which section you signed up in, you may receive an email about it daily, weekly or monthly. This email is only sent if new pins are added. If no pins were added for that section, you won’t receive an email that week.

Whats the email schedule?

  • Daily: 8:00AM CST
  • Weekly: Thursday: 8:00AM CST
  • Monthly: On the 1st: 8:00AM CST

Multiple Subscriptions

If you’ve signed up for more than one subscription, you WILL receive multiple emails. That might not be the best experience for some. For instance, if you subscribe to 5 different tags; lets say “Nintendo”, “Rick and Morty”, “Star Wars”, “Coffee” and “Futurama”; every Wednesday you could receive up to 5 separate emails (one for each section). If a section didn’t have any pins added that week, you may only receive 3 or 4. If you don’t like receiving that many emails, we recommend signing up for something like “All Pins”. Then you’re only receiving a single email a week with all the latest pins added to our pin database.

Double-opt in

We also have a double-opt in rule. After submitting one of our forms, you will receive an email asking if you are sure you want to be subscribed. If you didn’t receive that, please check your spam folder or re-submit the form. If you still have problems, let us know and we can manually add you.

If you’ve got any questions at all, just send us a message!