Featured Pin #13 – Call It a Draw

It’s only a flesh wound! Our featured pin this week comes from Clay Grahamart. It’s hard to choose just one from Clay’s shop but this Monty Python Black Knight hard enamel Call It a Draw Pin takes the win (this time). It comes as 5 different pin pieces, each in an antique silver. The main torso pin even has a screen printed chest. This pin doesn’t come cheap at $25.00 but can you really put a price on happiness? I didn’t think so. Pin measurements posted below. Visit Clay Grahamart’s Shop for other fantastic pins and don’t forget to bring your wallet. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  • Torso: Double posts, 1.75″
  • Legs: Single post, 1.5″
  • Arms: Single post, 1.25″
Call it a Draw Enamel Pin Call It a Draw

Featured Pin #12 – Pizza the Hutt

To go along with our Deal of the Week I figured we’d make this week pizza themed. I was browsing a few days ago and found this amazing Pizza the Hutt Pin by Miranda Dressler. I knew I had to have it. If you’re a Space Balls fan from 1987 or just a Mel Brooks admirer, you won’t regret this purchase. Pizza the Hutt is a soft enamel 1.25″ pin and appears to be single posted. So what are you waiting form? Show some support and pick up Pizza the Hutt from Miranda Dressler’s Etsy shop today!

Pizza the Hutt Enamel Pin Pizza the Hutt

Featured Pin #11 – Darth Maul

It’s not quite May the 4th but that’s not stopping us from featuring this amazing Darth Maul pin just released from BudzPinz. The 1.5″ black and red enamel pin is available from the BudzPinz Etsy shop for the extremely reasonable price of $7.50. Just released and already earns it place in the permanently featured pin section. This pin is a limited edition and will not be remade, so get them while they last!

Darth Maul Enamel Pin Darth Maul

Featured Pin #9 – Awesome Mix Volume 2

With Guardians of the Galaxy just around the corner there is no better way to celebrate than with this Awesome Mix Volume 2 pin from MoPins. This hard enamel 1.5″ pin is made with a gold metal and it goes perfect with the retro brown, red and tan color scheme. Recently, MoPins released a black and silver variation as well. Both currently go for just $10.00.

Awesome Mix Volume 2 Enamel Pin Awesome Mix Volume 2

Featured Pin #8 – Hourglass

While looking through pins this week I couldn’t wait any longer to pick up this great pin from NoHours. This simple Hourglass soft enamel pin has such incredible detail in its 1.2″ size. It was easily my pick for featured pin of the week and its simple color scheme should fit right at home with anyone’s pin collection. The price was recently lowered so you can still pick up the Hourglass limited edition (out of 100) pin currently only $8.00.

Hourglass Enamel Pin Hourglass

Featured Pin #7 – UFO Pin

As I was browsing through pins this week I knew which pin I wanted to feature. This gold UFO pin from One Two Pin shows how simplicity in a pins design can achieve a unique silhouette that make it stand out amongst the crowd. This circular, 1″ hard enamel pin is mostly gold with spots of white all set in a navy blue background for contrast. If you love space, ufo’s or gold metal pins, this is one you won’t want to pass up.

Ufo Pin UFO

Featured Pin #2 – 8-Bit Mag

Our featured pin this week goes to Reppin Pins 8-Bit Mag Pin. A cool, 8-bit pixel design based around an iconic movie prop makes this our second featured pin! Be sure to pick up the 8-Bit Mag pin for $10.00 from Reppin Pins.

Also, last week I watched a few episodes of Netflix’s latest documentary series: Abstract: The Art of Design and episode two focuses on footwear design where the Nike Mag makes an appearance. If that sort of thing interests you, it’s certainly worth checking out.

8-Bit Mag Enamel Pin 8-Bit Mag

Featured Pin #1 – Breaking Bad Meth Friends Set

We’re now featuring an enamel pin every Wednesday. Featured pins will permanently receive a featured icon attached to them across the website forever! Later, we’ll be rolling out a featured pins section as well. What has to happen to get a pin featured? Well, nothing specific. We just have to think it’s cool! On that note, lets introduce our first!

Our first featured pin is this awesome Breaking Bad pin from El Jefe. This pin comes as a set of two that currently goes for $18.00 and has a limited edition of 100. It’s sure to sell out, so don’t wait too long if you’re a Breaking Bad fan. For more information, click the pin below.

Breaking Bad Meth Friends Enamel Pin Set Breaking Bad Meth Friends Set