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Featured Pin #10 – Facehugger

April 26, 2017

Today’s Alien Day and we’re celebrating by featuring the new  Facehugger pin released by PSA Press.  The new pin is a limited run and is a molded 1.25″ die cast set it gold metal. It retails for $12.00 and is available now!

Facehugger Molded Pin Facehugger

Deal of the Week – Ice Cream Pin

April 24, 2017

Our deal of the week comes from Strange Ways. They have recently marked down this 3D molded and hard enamel Ice Cream pin to $5.99 designed by These Are Things. You’ll need to follow the link in this post to get to the $5.99 price as this is a reseller who has marked down the cost on the pin. This pin is gold accented and has some great details in its simplicity. It measures in at 1.25″ tall and would make a great purchase for anyone collecting desserts or food related pins! Get it today for just 5.99 at Strange Ways.

Ice Cream Enamel Pin Ice Cream

24 Columns

April 22, 2017

We have switched to a 24 column layout and moved the site to 100% of the browser width. This means a few things:

  • Pins display better on larger screens and monitors.
  • We can now fit up to 40 pins per page instead of 30.
  • Pins may be displayed larger in size on many pages.
  • Allows us more flexibility with layouts.
  • Website extends to the full width of the browser window.
CSS Enamel Pin CSS

Sale Alert – Super Team Deluxe 20% – 40% Off

April 20, 2017

Super Team Deluxe has a sale going on from April 19th through Sunday April 23rd. Select pins are 40% off and all other pins are 20% off. It’s a great time to pick up several deals from their large collection.

OS Spinner Enamel Pin OS Spinner

Featured Pin #9 – Awesome Mix Volume 2

April 19, 2017

With Guardians of the Galaxy just around the corner there is no better way to celebrate than with this Awesome Mix Volume 2 pin from MoPins. This hard enamel 1.5″ pin is made with a gold metal and it goes perfect with the retro brown, red and tan color scheme. Recently, MoPins released a black and silver variation as well. Both currently go for just $10.00.

Awesome Mix Volume 2 Enamel Pin Awesome Mix Volume 2

Deal of the Week – Berserker

April 17, 2017

Deal of the Week doesn’t always have to be a sale or the cheapest pin around. Sometimes, it’s just an awesome pin that we consider a great price. Berserker from Orcus Brand has recently had a small price drop bringing it to $7.00. That makes this the perfect chance to pick up this 1.5″ golden matte enamel pin.

Berserker Enamel Pin Berserker

Easter Site Updates

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter! Here are some recent website happenings:

  • Pin correction form is now at the top of all individual pin pages.
  • Deals Archive, Featured Archive and Blog Archive pages are now available to browse, links in footer.
  • Seller pages have been updated, secondary navigation with new ways to discover sellers has been added.
  • Featured sellers section has been built, more information coming soon.
  • We have completed a new social pin sharing feature that is now in testing, planning to launch at 250 pins!
Yoshi Egg Enamel Pin Yoshi Egg

Featured Pin #8 – Hourglass

April 12, 2017

While looking through pins this week I couldn’t wait any longer to pick up this great pin from NoHours. This simple Hourglass soft enamel pin has such incredible detail in its 1.2″ size. It was easily my pick for featured pin of the week and its simple color scheme should fit right at home with anyone’s pin collection. The price was recently lowered so you can still pick up the Hourglass limited edition (out of 100) pin currently only $8.00.

Hourglass Enamel Pin Hourglass

Deal of the Week – Sandwich Shark

April 10, 2017

You’ll want to visit 100% Soft’s store for our deal of the week. They have recently marked down a few of their pins and we couldn’t stop going back to the Sandwich Shark hard enamel pin as our favorite. It’s currently marked to $5.00. To get more info on the pin, click the image below. Also, if you’re a fan of predator, you might also check out their $5.00 Predator Bro pin as well.

Sandwich Shark Enamel Pin Sandwich Shark

Featured Pin #7 – UFO Pin

April 5, 2017

As I was browsing through pins this week I knew which pin I wanted to feature. This gold UFO pin from One Two Pin shows how simplicity in a pins design can achieve a unique silhouette that make it stand out amongst the crowd. This circular, 1″ hard enamel pin is mostly gold with spots of white all set in a navy blue background for contrast. If you love space, ufo’s or gold metal pins, this is one you won’t want to pass up.

Ufo Pin UFO
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