Featured Pin #19 – Firefly Nights

Our featured pin this week comes from Lost Bayou. They have several, recently released designs and their pin offerings are starting to pile up!

The recent Firefly Nights is such a perfectly designed pin it was a no brainer for our featured section. Firefly Nights is a rounded 1″ hard enamel pin that is gold plated and the night sky features a black, glitter fill. This pin is a limited edition run for $12.00 so don’t wait around too long because this beautiful pin won’t be available forever!

Firefly Nights Enamel Pin Firefly Nights

Deal of the Week – Forever Alone Ghost

It was a close pick this week but ultimately this sad ghost pin won out by a slight advantage of cost and edition!

The Forever Alone Ghost Enamel Pin by Bombasine is currently on sale for only $6.00 (Normally $11.00). This pin is a limited edition of 100 and comes in at 1.5″ in size. It features white and gold colored edges with the words “Forever Alone” written across the pin in all caps. Although sad, it’s also adorable in a strange way so I guess it’s with mixed feelings that it’s our Deal of the Week!

As always, be sure to check out some of the other fantastic enamel pins from Bombasine’s shop!

Forever Alone Ghost Enamel Pin Forever Alone Ghost

Featured Pin #18 – PB&J

This weeks featured pin comes from one of our favorite pin makers PowerUpPins. Their Peanut Butter & Jelly Pin is a bread slice shaped soft enamel pin featuring “pb&j” characters. PB&J has a total of four bright colors on black nickel at just the right 1″ size. You can add this to your food pin collection for a mere $7.86.

If sandwich pins aren’t your thing you still need to make sure you visit PowerUpPins Etsy Shop to check out their other amazing designs!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Enamel Pin PB&J

Deal of the Week – Glitter Super Soaker

Summer is just getting started and when we found out Stupid Krap was having a sale, it was an easy pick for deal of the week!

The Glitter Super Soaker Soft Enamel Pin is 1.25″ inches wide with glitter embellishment on the water tank and is a limited edition of 100. This super soaker would make a perfect addition for any toy, weaponry or gun pin collections out there and is currently on sale for $5.00 AUD.

Don’t forget to check out the other pins on sale at Stupid Kraps Store.

Glitter Super Soaker Enamel Pin Glitter Super Soaker

Featured Pin #16 – Wolvergreen

We’re sticking with a comic theme this week and had a tough choice for our featured pin. Ultimately the Wolvergreen V2 Hard Enamel Pin by ZIGvrt came out victorious. This 1.5″ pin goes for $12.00 and is a limited edition of 50. Version 2 of this pin is a variant that has green glitter details in Wolverine’s mask. We think it’s amazing and a must have for any Wolverine or X-Men pin collector or fan. You can pick up this pin by visiting ZIGvrt’s website.

Wolvergreen V2 Enamel Pin Wolvergreen V2