500 Pins!

We almost missed it but we just hit 500 pins! While that may not seem like much to some, it’s taken close to two years of work to get where we are today. Did you know that every enamel pin in our database is added manually? We often track extra details down through multiple accounts or sources, cross check as best we can and manually select all colors, add additional information and categorize/tag as best as possible.

We have so much great content and features in the works we can’t wait for you to see what’s ahead. We’ve improved our process greatly over the last 6 months and pins will be coming in faster and more consistently moving forward. Our next checkin is at 1,000 and we’re going to work hard to hit it much sooner!

Congratulations to our 500th pin, Rickenstein V2 from Ghoul Kids Society! Rick and Morty with Halloween, you can’t ask for anything better than that!