Deal of the Week – Marvel Deadpool

We were recently asked by a friend why no love for Deadpool? As usual we don’t really have a good excuse and with DP2 hitting theaters Wednesday this week we might as well make this a Marvel month for enamel pins. This deal should get you all excited for your first day of superhero school.

The Marvel Deadpool enamel pin is super small at just .69″ almost making it into the “Tiny Pins” tag but falling short. This Deadpool logo lapel pin is a soft enamel with silver plating. It comes single posted and just two color enamel fills. You can pick this one up for a quick $5.00. Perfect for any Deadpool fan.

Header over to Puddle Bunny’s Etsy store for plenty of other pins and be sure to remember: with great power comes great merchandising opportunity.

Marvel Deadpool Enamel Pin Marvel Deadpool

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