Featured Pin – Binocular Vision

This year we’re planning on spending a lot more time outdoors and you could say that we’ve had nature lapel pins on our radar. We came across this awesome outdoor enamel pin series from National Dry Goods and had to feature one of the awesome pins from the set!

The Binocular Vision hard enamel pin measures .9″. This is a brass plated pin and features three color fills (navy, salmon and white) and currently goes for just $10.00. We have reached out to confirm if this pin has single or dual posts and will update this post as soon as we hear back. As we mentioned earlier, this pin is one from a set of three outdoor themed with matching designs. The brass pin set is absolutely stunning and the full set goes for just $26.00.

Be sure to visit the National Dry Goods shop and check out their other awesome pin sets and designs.