Featured Pin – Derpy Shark

Did you know that sharks have been around for 400 million years? That pre-dates dinosaurs and trees! Did you know that sharks may have up to 3,000 teeth at a time and that they continuously grow multiple rows? Sharks can be scary but we love our sea creatures enamel pins and this is why we’re featuring a “not-so-scary” shark pin that we think will get a laugh.

Derpy Shark is a 1″ hard enamel pin from seller/maker Pocket Sushi. This pin has a silver plating with a simple three color enamel fill and is just single posted due to the size. Although not a limited edition there is just something about this artwork that captures the essence of a derpy shark and I gotta say, it was pulled off brilliantly. We think anyone who collects sharks, or sea creature pins would get a kick out of this pin and wouldn’t want to miss it. Derpy shark goes for just $10.00.

We’re stoked to add this awesome pin to the featured lapel pins page! Be sure to check out Pocket Sushi’s Etsy page for some other awesome enamel pins. We’ll continue to keep our hopes up and our eyes open for more “Derpy” designs in the coming year!