Pin Filtering and Pin Detail Changes

We have several new updates across the site to share! We’ve recently moved hosting and the site has been operating much faster than before; we’re very pleased with that and additional speed improvements in the works.

We’re ready to roll out pin filtering. Filtering has been added to the main pin listing page and can be accessed at the top by clicking the new filter tab. We think this is coolest way to find pins quickly. Filtering allows you to quickly narrow down all pins in the database by things like price, size, color and more. Using the filter immediately returns the updated pins without having to wait for a page reload. This is a huge time saver as you can quickly sort all pins for very specific interests like 1.25″ Glow in the Dark enamel pins. It’s awesome and you can click here to check it out!

Pin Colors Color links have been updated to take advantage of the new filter. Clicking on a color from a pins page will take you directly to the filter with that color selected allowing you to quickly find similar colored pins.

Pin Type Pin material been swapped for “Pin Type”. This is used to describe if the pin is a Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, Die Cast, etc.

Plating We have moved plating types away from the old “Pin Material” identifier. As we move forward, old pins will be updated with their appropriate plating. This will require a lot of work to update all lapel pins in the database but it will be worth the effort for the ability to search or filter by your favorite plating.

Attachments Pins can now have attachments. This includes features such as magnets, LED’s, hinges, chains, sliders, spinners and more. The first attachment pin added was “Friday the Meeseek“.

Seller Links If a seller has a logo, we’ve added it right up front next to the name of the pin and above its image. This link takes you directly to the sellers page on PinInn. This helps clearly establish which seller created the pin with the intention of branding the pin more closely to the appropriate shop. We’ve also moved the link and pricing for a pin to this area so a visitor can get quickly get to the original URL of the pin and hopefully make that purchase!

Since this update includes changes with how color works we thought it was appropriate to feature this RGB Hard Enamel pin from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes!

We’ve got a lot more in the works and we’ll have another update soon!