Deal of the Week – Moon Doodle

Sometimes, we’re just a sucker for a unique and random doodle style pin. We love running across something different and when there’s a deal, we’re on the case!

This week’s deal lapel pin is called “Moon” from “Doodles from my Brain”. If that sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve featured a this store once before. Their pickle doodle enamel pin we posted about back in September 2017 so we were pleased when we found moon with some seconds available.

Moon is a .86″ soft enamel pin with a single enamel fill and black plating. These seconds come single posted and are currently on sale for just $4.43. These the perfect pin on the cheap for a collector (especially if you enjoy doodles, art or space!). You’ll love all the little details in this one and we think it’s a great one to add to the ever growing collection.

Be sure to take a minute and visit Doodles from my Brain’s Etsy shop.