Deal of the Week – Star Trek Insignia

We won’t be seeing any new Star Trek Discovery episodes until next year. That means we can go back to falling asleep to the sound of captain Picard or James T. Kirk courtesy of the old Netflix. If you’re looking to up your Trek pin game than we’ve got a deal for you this week that may be too good to pass up.

Star Trek Insignia Enamel Pin Details

The Star Trek Insignia enamel pin is a small, .78″ pin. It has a silver plating and comes with a single post due to the smaller size. Just a simple, white and black enamel fill in the shape you have seen a million times and love. This small pin currently goes for just $4.30 and is the perfect adornment for any Trekkie. We especially love that this pin will suit any attire due to the size and coloring. You can pick up this pin today from Nerdasm’s Etsy Shop.

Upon further inspection we’ve noticed we’re really lacking in our Star Trek pins tag. If you’ve got some ideas to help fill out this section of the website, please send some suggestions through our contact page and we’ll handle the rest. If you’re a store selling an awesome Trek pin, let us know and we’ll post a free ad for you if you mention this post. Can’t beat that!