Deal of the Week – Death Rainbow

I wasn’t sure what pin would be right for the last Deal of the Week in September. Then I found these Death Rainbow enamel pins. It’s the perfect mashup before the Halloween madness begins. Death Rainbow is a collaboration between Jad Dovey and Alex Strangler.

Death Rainbow is a 1.5″ limited edition, soft enamel pin. It features several color enamel fills and comes in either a “Dark” or “Pastel” variant.

Death Rainbow Pastel Version – 1.5″ limited edition, silver hard enamel pin. Colorway by Alex Strangler.
Death Rainbow Dark Version – 1.5″ limited edition, soft enamel black with dyed plating. Colorway by Jad Dovey.

Both go for an appropriately priced $6.66 from Jad Dovey’s Etsy shop or $7.99 from Alex Strangler’s Shop.