Deal of the Week – Snake Oil

Last week we featured our first seconds pin for Deal of the Week and this week we’re doing the same with this amazing pin from Lilly Baik.

Snake Oil Seconds are 1.25″ copper plated pins. They have black and white coloring and are finished as a hard enamel. These are seconds pins, so they may have some flaws. Check the guide below for pricing and details. If you’d prefer the original pin in all its perfectness, you can grab it for $10.00 on Lilly Baiks Store.

  • A Grade: $7.00
  • B Grade: $6.00
  • C Grade: $4.00

Grade A: Very minor flaws, such as tiny specks or scratches, or slight overpolishing.
Grade B: Slightly more noticeable flaws including but not limited to scratches, dust specks, underpolishing, etc.
Grade C: These may include the same flaws such as the ones stated above, but more prominently and noticeably, such as several larger dust specks or scratches in the enamel.