Featured Pin – Anything Is Possible

Our featured pin this week is quite the motivational one. We love the simple but powerful message it portrays incased in an artfully creative light bulb. The Anything Is Possible enamel pin is currently the only pin offering from JJ Arts but that doesn’t make it any less inspiring.

Anything Is Possible is a 1″ soft enamel pin. It comes with a single clutch and has 4 color options with slightly varying heights. Each go for $10.00. We absolutely love the lettering work and think it’s a must own for those who collect unique, motivational or lettering lapel pins.

Colors Available:

  • Black – Length: 1 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Gold – Length: 1 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Red – Length: 1.18 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Fuchsia – Length: 1.18 in / 1.2mm thick

Visit JJ Art’s online store to purchase and be sure to check out the original painting that lead to the creation of this pin.