Featured Pin – Cool Bike

Now that it’s finally getting warmer over here in the mid-west we’re starting to see the cyclists back on the roads. That got us thinking about bicycle enamel pins and what there is out there. Guess what? We didn’t have a single one listed! That’s got to change so we’re starting by featuring this fancy pin from Felt Good Co. to share some love (and some road) to all the cyclists out there.

The Cool Bike Enamel Pin has everything you’d want in a pin. Soft enamel and 1.5″ in size. It comes equipped with dual silver metal clutches and features a black dyed plating with a red enamel frame, gray seats, gray handlebars and gears. To top it all off, the wheels even spin. What more could one ask for in a lapel pin that all this? Cool bike could be the first biking pin in your collection for a reasonable $10.00 and is available from Felt Good Co’s online shop.

Be sure to visit Felt Good Co’s shop for some other splendid pins. If you like bikes, be sure to also check out their Cool Bike w/Doggo Enamel Pin.