Featured Pin – Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin

I don’t know what it is about vintage Halloween props but that old-school art and design always comes with an extra dose of eerie. It makes vintage Halloween so mesmerizing to look at it. This combination plays perfectly with this Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Hard Enamel Pin from Skulduggery Co.

Skulduggery’s 1.5” folk art pumpkin enamel pin has just the right amount of “Aww” and “Ahh!”. We love the artistic choices made with the use of black nickel plating as a hard enamel finish for its design.

This Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Pin can be yours for just $9.00 from Skulduggery’s etsy shop. This pin comes as a two color design with dual posts. Don’t miss this if pumpkins or Halloween are your thing!