Featured Pin – Goldfish Wizard

A wizard is never late, nor is he early, but he will always arrive wearing a large, pointy hat. Does anyone know why wizards wear hats anyway? All these wizard thoughts are swimming around because we found what we think might be the best wizard of them all; the Goldfish Wizard.

This adorable Goldfish Wizard enamel pin from seller John Moniker puts the “aww” in awesome. We love the overall design of this pin and the stars and moon in the hat add the perfect touch. The goldfish wizard pin is on the smaller size at .75″ wide and tall. It comes as a soft enamel with gold plating, three color fills and is single posted due to the small size. If you love fish, wizards, fantasy or just great mashups than this one is for you. This fishy wizard can be yours for just $8.50.

Be sure to stop by and visit John Moniker’s Etsy shop for several other great lapel pins.

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