Featured Pin – Orange Cat

This week we’re going from sea to land while we are on the hunt for the most clever food and animal mashup pins. We hit the jackpot when we found this cat themed focused pin shop. Not only does JustDuet steal the show with their Orange Cat lapel pin, they also have a plethora of other cat and food mashup pins that made it difficult to pick our favorite to feature.

Orange Cat enamel pin is hard enamel, gold plated pin. It comes at around 1.2″ tall and has a single, rubber clutch. We particularly love this pins simplistic design. We enjoy all the little, well thought out details in this one like: the stem, the green glitter enamel leaf (that gives it a great 3d effect), and little plated dimples. The price is a very reasonable $10.34 USD after converting from euros.

Check out JustDuet’s Etsy Shop for tons (15+) of other cat and food themed enamel pins (Don’t miss grilled cheese cat and pizza cat). Be warned, you may not make away from their store one without adding a few pins to your collection!