Featured Pin – Rum Bottle Pirates

We’re still celebrating the Sea of Thieves launch this week with a focus on pirate themed lapel pins! For todays feature, we found the perfect matchup of all the things we love. This one falls not only into the pirate pin category but also into one of our other favorites: “in a bottle enamel pins“.

Rum Bottle Pirates soft enamel pin is a silver plated pin from Magical Monograms. It’s also a bit taller at 1.5″ and comes with dual posts. It features some great lettering work with the pirate saying “Take what ye can, give nothing back“. This bottle pin has some simple coloring with a light and dark blue enamel and in an strange way, we think it all works together to create a unique pin. For us, it makes this one an easy decision at just $10.00.

Don’t forget to visit Magical Monograms Etsy shop for some other great pins! And, if you happened to miss our pirate pick from Monday, take a look at the Skull and Crossbones deal of the week.