Featured Pin – Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner

Stranger Things 2 is out this Friday and to celebrate we’re only adding Stranger Things enamel pins to the website for the next two days. We’re kicking it off with this Stranger Things pin from Arcadedaze for our featured pin of the week.

The Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner pin is the third variant in this series and also the final. No more of them will be made so this is the last chance you’ll have to pick one up.

Shadowfell Deluxe is a two-tiered enamel pin at 1.75″ and also glows in the dark. It has an antique copper plating and two posts. The background colors in this variant are muted and glow in the dark as a bright green and blue. The top tier of this pin with antique plating spins so you can change the upside-down as you please.

Don’t miss out on the last chance to one of the pins from this amazing series! You can pick up Shadowfell Deluxe for $22.00 from Arcadedaze. Be sure to visit their shop and follow Arcadedaze on Instagram to catch some of their other amazing pin releases you won’t want to miss!