Featured Pin – Space Explorers

We’re continuing our cosmos inspired theme this week and today we’re going rocket powered. I mean, if space really is the final frontier then we’re going to need mass amounts of rocket propellant and reaction engine’s to get us going in the right direction (up!). With this weeks featured pin you’ll be showing your love for space travel and rocking out in style.

Space Explorers is a 1.25″ tall, hard enamel pin. This one features a gold plating with three color enamel fills and is a limited run of just 100, so it won’t be around forever. With such a mass amount of space pin options to choose from, this one may just take the cake. The unique shape, lettering, planet, and starry sky for this pin makes it yet another one that is too good to simply pass up.

Space Explorers enamel pin is now available from Fugstrator’s shop for just $10.00.