Pinfunding Feature – Raptor Enamel Pins

Four our first Pinfunding feature, we are sharing this Raptor Enamel pin campaign, a dinosaur themed campaign from Baublesaurus! At the time of this post, there are only 9 days left for this Kickstarter to reach its reasonable goal of $800.00. There are still spots left to pledge $11.00 to get an unlocked pin of your choice if the funding succeeds.

There are currently two unlocked pins available, the Jello Raptor (Our favorite!) and Clever Librarian. Each will be produced with the details below.

  • 1.5” in size
  • Hard enamel
  • Black Nickel Plating
  • Mounted on a backer card
  • 2 Pin Posts
  • Rubber backs

To read more details and view the campaigns stretch goals, visit the Raptor Enamel Pin Kickstarter page. Also, take a moment to visit Baublesaurus website where you can brows tons of other great lapel pins ready for purchase.

Pinfunding Feature – Raptor Enamel Pins

Featured Pins – Ready Player One

We’re gearing up for Ready Player One and instead of focusing on a single featured pin this week, we’re taking a bit of a different approach.

We’ve hand picked nine of our favorite pins featuring films, franchises and topics mentioned from the Ready Player One science fiction novel. These lapel pins are of various sizes and genres but today they all have one thing in common.

Ready Player One Selected Topics

  • Back to the Future
  • Lord of the Rings
  • The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • Star Wars
  • Spiderman
  • Steve Jobs / Apple Computers
  • The Dark Crystal
  • Wonder Woman
  • Dungeons and Dragons

Be sure to take a few minutes to take a closer look at some of the amazing art featured below. Visit these great sellers, artists and consider making a purchase to show your support!

Mr. Fusion Enamel Pin Mr. Fusion
Doom Awaits
Book Pin: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Book Pin: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Chewbacca Enamel Pin Chewbacca
Spider-Man Homecoming Enamel Pin Spider-Man Homecoming
Macintosh Enamel Pin Macintosh
Wonder Woman Symbol Enamel Pin Wonder Woman Symbol
The Dark Crystal Enamel Pin The Dark Crystal
How I Roll Dungeons & Dragons Natural 20 Enamel Pin How I Roll

Deal of the Week – Pop Art Gaming Pins

Last week we stopped to celebrate our joy for pirates with the launch of Sea of Thieves and this week we have selected some gaming pins that will go great with the release of Ready Player One this Thursday.

We were lucky enough to catch this sale going over at Fan Fit Gaming’s Etsy shop. Currently, their enamel pins are all on sale with most of them marked down 50%. We’re focusing on their gaming pop art collection specifically which are all currently going for just $4.99 or $35.00 for the set of nine. Each of these are about 1.5″ in length and are all black plated soft enamel pins. It’s the perfect time to pick up a few or the whole set so don’t wait on these!

Be sure to visit Fan Fit Gaming’s Etsy shop to see these deals and other discounted pins!

Pop Art Duke Nukem Enamel Pin Pop Art Duke Nukem
Pop Art Halo Masterchief Enamel Pin Pop Art Halo Masterchief
Pop Art DnD Wizard Enamel Pin Port Art DnD Wizard

Featured Pin – Rum Bottle Pirates

We’re still celebrating the Sea of Thieves launch this week with a focus on pirate themed lapel pins! For todays feature, we found the perfect matchup of all the things we love. This one falls not only into the pirate pin category but also into one of our other favorites: “in a bottle enamel pins“.

Rum Bottle Pirates soft enamel pin is a silver plated pin from Magical Monograms. It’s also a bit taller at 1.5″ and comes with dual posts. It features some great lettering work with the pirate saying “Take what ye can, give nothing back“. This bottle pin has some simple coloring with a light and dark blue enamel and in an strange way, we think it all works together to create a unique pin. For us, it makes this one an easy decision at just $10.00.

Don’t forget to visit Magical Monograms Etsy shop for some other great pins! And, if you happened to miss our pirate pick from Monday, take a look at the Skull and Crossbones deal of the week.

Rum Bottle Pirates Enamel Pin Rum Bottle Pirates

Deal of the Week – Skull and Crossbones

We’re back with another Deal of the Week! This week we’re focusing on one of our favorite themes, pirates! We’re celebrating the launch for Sea of Thieves from Rare which unlocks in our region in just a few hours!

The Skull and Crossbones die cast pin is the perfect choice for any seaworthy captain. This silver coated brass pin comes as a smaller .82″ and is single posted. We love the joker style smirk and the skull and crossbones make a perfect match for a die cast. It’s also a deal at just $5.95 Canadian dollars ($4.55 USD) from Pinz’n’Thingz shop.

Keep a watch this week for more pirate themed pins and maybe we’ll see you on all the treasure hunts ahead!

Skull and Crossbones Die Cast Pin Skull and Crossbones

New Feature – Pinfunding!

We’ve launched a new feature to the site called Pinfunding! Crowdfunding for enamel pins has been our most requested topic and up until now, we’ve not had anything in place to do so and that’s changing!

The Pinfunding page will keep track of what new enamel pins are upcoming from all the crowdfunding platforms and artists out there. We’ve already added several to this section and more are in the works. We’re planning on reserving Friday’s for blog posts about Pinfunding so soon you’ll be seeing new content coming through.

Some of the features in the works:

  • Submit Your Pinfunding Campaign
  • Search Campaigns
  • Live Sorting
  • Linking Sellers and Pins to Campaigns
  • And more!

Ecospheres Nature Enamel Pins

To start things off, we’re bringing some attention to our first featured campaign called Ecospheres by Crystal Curtis. This campaign is bringing 4 fantastic nature and fantasy themed enamel pin scenes to life. Each pin will be 1.25″ and single posted.

  • Crystals Enamel Pin
  • Mushrooms Enamel Pin
  • Coral Enamel Pin
  • Desert Enamel Pin
  • Pines Enamel Pin (Unlocks at $5,000)

At the time of this post, this campaign has already been funded but there is still plenty of time to get in on the initial round with 17 days remaining. $12.00 will get you a single pin of your choice while $40.00 will net you the full set. Currently, this backed project is planned to deliver by July 2018.

Visit the Ecosphere’s Kickstarter Page to learn more and back this set!

Ecospheres Enamel Pin New Feature – Pinfunding!

Featured Pin – Goldfish Wizard

A wizard is never late, nor is he early, but he will always arrive wearing a large, pointy hat. Does anyone know why wizards wear hats anyway? All these wizard thoughts are swimming around because we found what we think might be the best wizard of them all; the Goldfish Wizard.

This adorable Goldfish Wizard enamel pin from seller John Moniker puts the “aww” in awesome. We love the overall design of this pin and the stars and moon in the hat add the perfect touch. The goldfish wizard pin is on the smaller size at .75″ wide and tall. It comes as a soft enamel with gold plating, three color fills and is single posted due to the small size. If you love fish, wizards, fantasy or just great mashups than this one is for you. This fishy wizard can be yours for just $8.50.

Be sure to stop by and visit John Moniker’s Etsy shop for several other great lapel pins.

Also, be sure to pay extra attention to the blog this week as we’ve got an extra post in the works with some exciting news!

Goldfish Wizard Enamel Pin Goldfish Wizard

Deal of the Week – Star Trek Insignia

We won’t be seeing any new Star Trek Discovery episodes until next year. That means we can go back to falling asleep to the sound of captain Picard or James T. Kirk courtesy of the old Netflix. If you’re looking to up your Trek pin game than we’ve got a deal for you this week that may be too good to pass up.

Star Trek Insignia Enamel Pin Details

The Star Trek Insignia enamel pin is a small, .78″ pin. It has a silver plating and comes with a single post due to the smaller size. Just a simple, white and black enamel fill in the shape you have seen a million times and love. This small pin currently goes for just $4.30 and is the perfect adornment for any Trekkie. We especially love that this pin will suit any attire due to the size and coloring. You can pick up this pin today from Nerdasm’s Etsy Shop.

Upon further inspection we’ve noticed we’re really lacking in our Star Trek pins tag. If you’ve got some ideas to help fill out this section of the website, please send some suggestions through our contact page and we’ll handle the rest. If you’re a store selling an awesome Trek pin, let us know and we’ll post a free ad for you if you mention this post. Can’t beat that!

Star Trek Insignia Enamel Pin Star Trek Insignia

Featured Pin – Back In Time DeLorean

Ready Player One is out on March 29th and we’re excited to watch Ernest Cline’s novel hit the big screen. That got us thinking about Back to the Future enamel pins and we found these perfect DeLorean pins still available from Meugraphics.

The Back In Time DeLorean enamel pin is a 1.25″ hard enamel pin. These circle pins all come as a gold enamel plating with a unique background design for each variant and go for $10.00 each or set of 3 for $25.00.

Currently, these variants are still in stock:

  • Blue (Paradise Hotel)
  • Salmon (Mountain Valley )
  • Gray (Clock Tower)
  • Black (Clock Tower) – Sold out but still available from Gimme Flair

Be sure to act fast and visit Meugraphics shop to grab one or a set of these while you can!

Back In Time DeLorean Enamel Pin Back in Time Delorean

Deal of the Week – Yay!

Who couldn’t use a little color and sparkle to brighten up the day? That’s why we’ve chosen this Rainbow “Yay!” enamel pin for the deal of the week. It’s simple, bright and has seconds on sale! Yay!

The Yay! enamel pin is a 1.2″ pin that comes silver plated and has a hard enamel finish with a single post. It’s full of color so it gets the “rainbow” color status. It also features a large amount of silver glitter which will help catch the attention of anyone looking your way. Right now this pin has a seconds sale which means you can snag one for just $4.30 using this link and as long as you don’t mind a few blemishes.

Don’t forget to visit Ip Dip Designs Etsy Shop for a few other rainbow pins to look at and if you love the Yay! pin, you might be interested in picking up the original version for $10.03.

Yay! Rainbow Enamel Pin Yay!