Deal of the Week – Flower Power

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect topic for this weeks pin blog. We think the best way to say thanks is with one of these lovely flower enamel pins from Oh, Hello Stationery Co. What mom doesn’t appreciate flowers or like pretty things? The price is right and it’s our deal of the week.

This Flower Power enamel pin is a larger, 1.5″ soft enamel pin and comes single posted. It’s gold plated and features three color enamel fills: pink, yellow and white. It’s the perfect gift to show your appreciation and there is still plenty of time to receive it before Sunday the 13th is here. And, at just $6.95, you’ll be glad to you didn’t miss this one.

As always, be sure to check out Oh, Hello Stationery Co’s Etsy shop for tons of other great enamel pins.

Flower Power Enamel Pin Flower Power

Featured Pin – Avengers Infinity War Logo

Avengers Infinity War releases in just a few days and we just can’t get excited for a movie if there is not the perfect pin to go with it! While most of these Avenger pins are hard to find or sold out in a lot of places we were able to find some stock through seller “Hobby Hunters”.

The Marvel Avengers Logo pin is exactly what you would expect and want from a logo pin. Simple, die struck and with a nice gold finish. This particular pin is made from pewter and is officially Marvel Infinity War branded merchandise. Currently priced at $9.95 this Marvel lapel pin would make a fantastic addition to any comic or movie collection.

Avengers Infinity War Lapel Pin Avengers Logo

Deal of the Week – Passport

If you enjoy or collect travel pins than you won’t want to miss this deal of the week. We came across this great passport enamel pin and knew it would be a perfect fit for all the world travelers out there.

This passport enamel pin is a 1.2″ tall hard enamel pin with gold plating. It features a navy and white enamel fill and comes single posted. These are second grade pins so they may have some imperfections (you can check the link for more details). You can pick one up for just $4.75. Now all you’re missing is your boarding pass.

Be sure to check out LENSES and LOCALS Etsy shop for some other stunning photography and travel enamel pins designed in Australia.

Passport Enamel Pin Passport

Featured Pin – Cool Bike

Now that it’s finally getting warmer over here in the mid-west we’re starting to see the cyclists back on the roads. That got us thinking about bicycle enamel pins and what there is out there. Guess what? We didn’t have a single one listed! That’s got to change so we’re starting by featuring this fancy pin from Felt Good Co. to share some love (and some road) to all the cyclists out there.

The Cool Bike Enamel Pin has everything you’d want in a pin. Soft enamel and 1.5″ in size. It comes equipped with dual silver metal clutches and features a black dyed plating with a red enamel frame, gray seats, gray handlebars and gears. To top it all off, the wheels even spin. What more could one ask for in a lapel pin that all this? Cool bike could be the first biking pin in your collection for a reasonable $10.00 and is available from Felt Good Co’s online shop.

Be sure to visit Felt Good Co’s shop for some other splendid pins. If you like bikes, be sure to also check out their Cool Bike w/Doggo Enamel Pin.

Cool Bike Enamel Pin Cool Bike

Deal of the Week – Moon Doodle

Sometimes, we’re just a sucker for a unique and random doodle style pin. We love running across something different and when there’s a deal, we’re on the case!

This week’s deal lapel pin is called “Moon” from “Doodles from my Brain”. If that sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve featured a this store once before. Their pickle doodle enamel pin we posted about back in September 2017 so we were pleased when we found moon with some seconds available.

Moon is a .86″ soft enamel pin with a single enamel fill and black plating. These seconds come single posted and are currently on sale for just $4.43. These the perfect pin on the cheap for a collector (especially if you enjoy doodles, art or space!). You’ll love all the little details in this one and we think it’s a great one to add to the ever growing collection.

Be sure to take a minute and visit Doodles from my Brain’s Etsy shop.

Moon Enamel Pin Moon

Featured Pin – Orange Cat

This week we’re going from sea to land while we are on the hunt for the most clever food and animal mashup pins. We hit the jackpot when we found this cat themed focused pin shop. Not only does JustDuet steal the show with their Orange Cat lapel pin, they also have a plethora of other cat and food mashup pins that made it difficult to pick our favorite to feature.

Orange Cat enamel pin is hard enamel, gold plated pin. It comes at around 1.2″ tall and has a single, rubber clutch. We particularly love this pins simplistic design. We enjoy all the little, well thought out details in this one like: the stem, the green glitter enamel leaf (that gives it a great 3d effect), and little plated dimples. The price is a very reasonable $10.34 USD after converting from euros.

Check out JustDuet’s Etsy Shop for tons (15+) of other cat and food themed enamel pins (Don’t miss grilled cheese cat and pizza cat). Be warned, you may not make away from their store one without adding a few pins to your collection!

Orange Cat Enamel Pin Orange Cat

Deal of the Week – Lemon Shark

This week we’re being inspired by our favorite foods and animals in a mashup themed week (our first)! We’re not exactly sure why we’ve never thought of this before… We just got to talking about favorite food enamel pins with animals and there it was, pins of this mashup galore! We then stumbled upon this awesome deal.

Not only is the Lemon Shark enamel pin an adorable mashup of fruit and predator but it also comes in a few variations for those who have particular tastes. A hard and soft enamel variant are both available. Both come with an antique copper metal plating and both are the same size at 1.25″. The coloring varies a little between these two but each has their own uniqueness to them so you may find it hard to choose. With this being our deal of the week post, we’ve got to bring attention to the “Bruised Lemons”, which is the funny way to say “Seconds” for this pin which are just $5.00 marked down pins that have some scuffs from the antiquing process.

Be sure to visit Berntkat’s Etsy Shop to browse a few other pin offerings and be sure to keep an eye out for more awesome food and animal mashup pins being added this week!

Lemon Shark Enamel Pin Lemon Shark

Pinfunding Feature – Astrogirls Space Enamel Pin Series

This weeks featured pinfunding campaign continues our astro and space themed week with a bang!

Astrogirls – Space Enamel Pin Series by naftie is a series of pins featuring the Astrogirls and designs relating to their time in space, including cute cats, dogs, and pastel girls. This is an already funded campaign but there is still plenty of time to select a pin from the set for just $11.00. Pins from this set will be available in the online store after the campaign but if you get in early via Kickstarter, you’ll be able to score a discount.

All the pins will be (unless otherwise specified):

Pin Details

  • Hard Enamel
  • Rubber Clutch
  • High Quality Brass
  • Includes Backing Card

We really enjoy the high quality art in this set and it’s worth taking a closer look to see more details, stretch goals and to see the latest production samples posted. Visit the the Astrogirls – Space Enamel Pin Series of Cute Astronaut Girls

Astrogirls Spaced Themed Enamel Pins Pinfunding Feature – Astrogirls Space Enamel Pin Series

Featured Pin – Space Explorers

We’re continuing our cosmos inspired theme this week and today we’re going rocket powered. I mean, if space really is the final frontier then we’re going to need mass amounts of rocket propellant and reaction engine’s to get us going in the right direction (up!). With this weeks featured pin you’ll be showing your love for space travel and rocking out in style.

Space Explorers is a 1.25″ tall, hard enamel pin. This one features a gold plating with three color enamel fills and is a limited run of just 100, so it won’t be around forever. With such a mass amount of space pin options to choose from, this one may just take the cake. The unique shape, lettering, planet, and starry sky for this pin makes it yet another one that is too good to simply pass up.

Space Explorers enamel pin is now available from Fugstrator’s shop for just $10.00.

Space Explorers Enamel Pin Space Explorers

Deal of the Week – Cosmic Cat Corpse

This week we’re heading to the cosmos for some inspiration! We’re not celebrating anything specific, it’s really just any easy excuse due to our enjoyment for finding all the best space enamel pins out there on the web. This weeks deal fits right in. It has all the internet’s favorite things mashed into one: cats, space and skeletons. How can you go wrong?

Cosmic Cat Corpse soft enamel pin is a 1.1″ tall pin that has a black dyed plating and comes with a single post on the back. This is a limited edition run of just 100. We really enjoy the comical value along with the mashup choices and love it when a pin gets a laugh. All this and it’s currently on sale for just $5.30. Be sure to add this one to your space, animal, cat or pin collection before it’s gone!

This weeks deal comes from seller Fizzy Bat. You’ll want to be sure and take a few extra minutes to stop by their Etsy shop to browse some of their other great pin offerings!

Cosmic Cat Corpse Enamel Pin Cosmic Cat Corpse