Featured Pin – Whale, Shit

We spent some time looking for a cool series of pins to feature and found the perfect combo. Say hello to West Park Creative, a letterpress and design studio from St. Louis. West Park Creative also happens to make some pretty amazing enamel pins which is what you’re here for, right? We’ve picked one of our favorites to feature but there are several from this shop you won’t want to miss.

The Whale, Shit soft enamel pin comes in at 1.5″. It features a silver plating with a white and deep teal enamel colors. You can pick this one up from West Park Creative’s store for just $10.00. We love this whale’s design and think you will too!

Be sure to visit West Park Creative’s Etsy shop for several other adorable lapel pins (Don’t miss the “Zero Fox Given” pin). West Park’s pins also come with some great letterpress backing cards making them a super unique gift (It is that time of year!).

Whale, Shit Enamel Pin Whale, Shit

Deal of the Week – Wacky Wavy Enamel Pin

With all the recent sales and deals coming to a close we found it appropriate to feature this Wacky Wavy skydancer enamel pin. This pin reminds us of one our of favorite Family Guy skits: “Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man” and is the perfect pin to send off the recent deals.

The Wacky Wavy enamel pin is a 1.25″ hard enamel pin with gold plating. This pin is single posted and has a simple 3 color palette. This pin is just $5.00 and for that price it practically advertises itself!

You can buy Wacky Wavy from the No Fun Press shop. Be sure to check out some of their other awesome pins currently marked for just $5.00.

Wacky Wavy Enamel Pin Wacky Wavy

Black Friday Enamel Pin Deals

It’s that time of the year! The sales are starting and below is the mega list of enamel pin black Friday deals. This post will continually update through the entire weekend until all the deals are finished. Have fun!

Begin IndustriesVisit Store
20% off all pins on Amazon for Black Friday with code “Bl2017BF”.

Budz PinzVisit Store
Up to 60% off. Friday through Monday.

Cold ToesVisit Store
$5.00 pins!

Crumby PinsVisit Store
50% off your entire order with 2 or more items. Ends 11/27/17.

Flower ChainzVisit Store
40% OFF – Code “FRIDAY”. Ends 11/24 at midnight.

HopesickVisit Store
All items 30% off. Free pin on orders over $30.

KolorspunVisit Store
30% off all pins. Pins as low as $7.00. Every order over $30.00 gets a free pin.

Lost BayouVisit Store
Free shipping through Monday with code “GIVETHANKS”. Pin prices reduced to $5.00.

Major PinnageVisit Store
Pins as low as $4.00. Free shipping when you spend $20.00.

Mean FolkVisit Store
Use discount code “SHOPSMALL” for 25% off.

The Midnight SocietyVisit Store
Friday 50% off. Saturday 40% off. Sunday 30% off. Monday 20% off. Ends 11/27/17. Use code “BLACKFRIDAY” at checkout.

Mysticum Luna – Visit Store
Use code “BLACKFRIDAY” for 20% off absolutely everything!

No HoursVisit Store
Up to 60% off select items.

Octarine DreamsVisit Store
Use code “SHOPINDIE” for 20% off on Etsy.

One Two PinVisit Store
November 22nd – 28th – 20% on all orders. Checkout code “BLACK20” or 40% off all orders $40 and above. Checkout code “BLACK40”.

PinshipVisit Store
20% off with code “BFCM2017”. $2.00 mystery pins. New clearance items. Ends 11/27/17.

15% off when you buy 304 pins. 20% when you buy 5-6 pins. 25% off when you buy 7+ pins. Ends 11/27/17.

Punky PinsVisit Store
Coupon codes: “BLACK40” – 40% off. “BLACK30” – 30% off. “BLACK25” – 25% off. “BLACK20” – 20% off. 250 of each code available.

Seventh.InkVisit Store
Multiple items marked down.

Shiny Apple StudioVisit Store
20% Off full priced pins. Orders $20 & up ship free all weekend long.

Stupid Krap!Visit Store
Pins as cheap as $2.00. While stocks last.

Super Team DeluxeVisit Store
30% off everything.

Two Ghouls PressVisit Store
Discounts already applied to store items, no code needed. Free shipping on Monday. Ends 11/27/17.

YesterdaysVisit Store
Free shipping worldwide all weekend. Purchase 4 or more pins and receive a FREE Mario “Christmas Plummer” pin with order. Ends Sunday the 26th.

Zen Monkey StudiosVisit Store
Save 20% off your order. Free shipping on $50+ orders. Use code “BLACKFRIDAY2017”.

Featured Pin – TV Dinner

We hope everyone will be spending some time with family/friends and eating lots of amazing food over the next few days. If you’re eating alone this year while quietly taking in some Netflix, that’s cool too. The featured pin this week comes from Lucky Horse Press and has you covered if you prefer to spend the night in front of the TV while avoiding the masses and the shopping madness.

The TV Dinner enamel pin never fails to get a laugh. I’ve shown and sent this one to so many people and it’s always a crowd pleaser. TV Dinner is a soft enamel pin. It’s 1.25″ with a silver plating. This pin has one of the most creative uses of silver plating to help create the foil tray. It has everything you’d expect in only the best TV dinners and you can pick up this pin for just $10.00.

Be sure to visit the Lucky Horse Press store for tons of other amazing enamel pins! Check back soon for our Black Friday deals list to see the latest deals on enamel pins.

TV Dinner Enamel Pin TV Dinner

Deal of the Week – Notebook Paper Airplane

We’ve been working on our Thanksgiving and Black Friday enamel pin sales list but still wanted to find a unique pin this week as our primary deal. This pin from designer Jenni Leder was exactly what we were looking for!

This Notebook Paper Airplane enamel pin is Jenni’s first enamel pin design and comes as the standard 1.25″ with a black plating. It features white and pink enamel fills and comes double posted as a soft enamel. This pin is just $6.00 before shipping. We loved the design and wanted to make sure this one got some extra attention.

Be sure to follow Jenni’s Instagram and visit her website “Thought Brain”! If you’d like to see more, be sure to support her first pin design.

Notebook Paper Airplane Enamel Pin Notebook Paper Airplane

Deal of the Week – Gnarwhal

We couldn’t stop checking on this awesome narwhal pin and wanted to bring some attention to this new category of sea creature enamel pins we are starting to build out. That along with the large selection of pins currently on clearance at No Fit State made the perfect combo breaker for our deal of the week.

Gnarwhal is a collaboration between NFS and Butch The Butcher. This pin features a black and white hard enamel and comes in at 1.5″ in size. We think everyone can appreciate the unique shape and artistic style. It’s such a fun design and at just $5.24 it’s a steal. Be sure to recommend this one to anyone who loves the creatures of the open sea.

Dont’ forget to check out the other clearance enamel pins currently at No Fit State’s shop. There are a ton available and who knows how long some of them will be around.

Gnarwhal Enamel Pin Gnarwhal

Featured Pin – Ultra Violence

It’s only a couple of days away for the November 10th launch of Doom for Nintendo Switch. The recent nostalgia trip of Super Mario Odyssey has got us thinking back to the past again. We thought it would be fun to show some love for the game that many say was the most influential game ever made.

This is where the “Ultra Violence” Doom inspired enamel pin comes in! This pin will take you back to some original PC gaming and when the floppy disk reigned supreme. The Ultra Violence pin is on the smaller side and measures just .75″. It comes as a silver, hard enamel design and is single posted. It uses a white, red and black enamel fill for color and has that awesome floppy disk design we love. This pin will only set you back around $7.87 USD.

We hope to find more of these floppy disk enamel pins and maybe see a trend. If you know of one we don’t have listed, please tell us about it!

Be sure to visit Pin Game’s website for some other awesome gaming lapel pins.

Doom Enamel Pin Ultra Violence

Seller Spotlight – Begin Industries

Seller Spotlight

This is our first seller spotlight. We take some extra time to get to know a seller, trade some pins and review based on our experience along with a short question and answer section to give some additional insight and advice from the seller. We don’t know how often these will come along but we intend to make them special, informative and hope you enjoy the read.

Meet Begin Industries

Begin Industries
Say hello to Begin Industries. We’ve taken a break to get to know these makers and have been patiently waiting for the right time to share our experience. Alan and Ashley are based out of Washington D.C. and run Begin Industries as a husband and wife team. Their online store and website features many enamel pins along with a few other NFC tags and NFC gadgets.

It didn’t take long to know that they both love what they do. This comes through in their communication, packaging, the personal touch and care they put into their designs and finished products. We’ve recently been associating the care of packaging as a gauge of how much a seller cares for their products and Begin Industries is doing it right. Their pins ship with some of the best packaging out there. Every pin, no matter how small or large comes in an appropriately sized box, nestled in a foam insert and capped with a lid. No matter what pin you order, you can rest assured it’s going to arrive exactly how it was intended to be seen. Not to mention it’s an absolute joy to open each pin, not knowing what to expect and then being delighted by all the details. Speaking of pins, Begin Industries has over 18 currently in their collection with even more on the way. Their pins have a wide range of appeal and are inspired by the everyday objects that Alan and Ashley interact with or things that they find the most interesting.

Speaking of pins, we’ve got 4 from their store in hand. If you want all the additional details of these pins just click a link below or the image of the pin next to or at the bottom of this page.

Begin Industries Pin Review

Huge Conspiracy Theory Yard Board Enamel Pin

Huge Conspiracy Yard Board Hard Enamel Pin

This is one of Ashley’s favorite pins and now one of ours. This pin is a BEAST and appropriately so. It comes in at 2.25″ wide and 1.5″ tall with dual posts. If you’ve ever watched any cop drama, spy or sci-fi show/movie, you’ve seen one of these cork boards with yarn. You know once you’ve been made aware of something and now you see it everywhere? This is one of those things. After receiving this and then a few weeks later watching Stranger Things, guess what popped up? Yup, a nicely sized conspiracy theory board. This pin is packed with tiny details like newspaper clippings, sticky notes and a ufo. It’s fun, well balanced and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to purchase. Huge Conspiracy Yard Board enamel pin is $15.00 from Begin Industries store.

Glass Coffee Maker Enamel Pin

Glass Coffee Maker Soft Enamel Pin

We’re mildly obsessed with coffee pins and pour over coffee holds a special place in our hearts. If a pour over is your thing then there is no avoiding this enamel pin for your collection. Glass coffee maker measures 1″ tall and .6″ wide. It’s a simple 4 color soft enamel with a single post and dark plating. You’ll notice small little details in the knots but only if you look closely. We can only hope that one day they’ll offer an iced coffee variant of this! Glass Coffee Maker is $11.00 from Begin Industries store.

Beer Hops Enamel Pin

Beer Hops Hard Enamel Pin

Admittedly, I haven’t collected as many beer pins as I should be. I’ve purchased a few here and there while touring breweries but when I saw the beer hops pin, I knew it was one to own. Beer Hops is a hard enamel pin that measures 1.25″ x .5″. It comes in either gold or silver plating and is single posted. Sometimes you’ve got to know when a pin design needs to be in its simplest state possible. This pin is a single color green enamel and they let the shiny plating do all the work in bringing it to life. As this pin has sat on my counter over the last few days I have walked by and noticed several times how great it is in this simplicity. If you know someone who appreciates a good brew, you can rest assured knowing they would be overjoyed to own this and I think it would make a perfect gift, or go in a personal collection, or to wear it daily. Beer hops is $11.00 from Begin Industries store.

Huge Chefs Knife Enamel Pin

Chefs Knife Hard Enamel Pin

If you’re a cook or enjoy tiny pins then this little knife has you covered. Chefs knife is modeled after Alan and Ashley’s own kitchen knife and we think it’s just perfect. It measures a tiny 1″ by .25″ and is single posted. There are some awesome details in the wood grain and with the right lighting, this pin shines. We especially love how the enamel coloring on the knifes edge shines to make it appear as though it’s sharp. Chefs knife is $11.00 from Begin Industries store.

Begin Industries Q&A

Tell us a little about you, your store and what makes you different.

We love to create pins about the things we love. That could be craft beer, fancy foods, conspiracy theories, basically stuff we enjoy. We don’t make “bootleg” pins like Rick and Morty or Simpsons or anything like that because of the gray area that exists with copyright but we have no issues with other people taking those risks and love to see the fan art pins that exist in the world. We are also teaming up with an artist and have 4 pins in production that are characters from his art that we are really excited about and will be released in just a few weeks.

What is your thought process on how a pin design is brought to life?

We generally brainstorm ideas at a local bar or restaurant over some good food and drinks. Then we decide on the design we want to do next and look for some reference photographs that make sense for a pin design or take some of our own. Once we have the references we import them to an iPad Pro, make them fairly transparent and draw right over them. A lot of times we will take multiple reference photos to make one pin. One detail here one there etc. Some stuff just doesn’t translate well as a pin. Once the design is drawn we go back and make sure all the lines are nice and straight or curved to exactly how we want them before we import to Illustrator.In Illustrator we try lots of colors and compare with Pantone swatches. Once we have what we like we send to the manufacturer and they make their own art that the pin will be made from and we need to approve this proof because sometimes small things have to be changed so that it works as a pin and not just a digital sketch. Then 3 weeks later they are in our hand and ready for everyone to enjoy.

What are your favorite types of pins and why? (hard enamel, soft enamel, colors, sizes, etc)

We generally like hard enamel the best because they just seem to work for the sorts of designs that we do. But we like both types for sure.

What is your favorite category of pins? (Nature, Movies, Art, Fantasy etc)

I guess our favorite type of pins are objects and fun characters, I think this is reflected in our line but also in our personal collection.

Are you also a collector? If so, what’s in your collection? Do you collect any other types of things? How long have you been collecting?

We have only been collecting for a year but every piece is so much fun for us. I have a maroon minivan pin from funtimes usa that looks just like a drawing I did on the back of my AP History Exam in high school that my (Alan) teacher saved and gave to Ashley the next year. We also had a Herman Miller shell chair pin from midmod that looks just like the Herman Miller shell chair we have in out living room. I say had cuz we recently lost it but we will be repurchasing that one, and hopefully whoever found it will enjoy it as much as we did. We live in 600 sq ft in DC so not much room for collecting things and that’s why pins are so good, they take up basically zero room.

What are your favorite things about being a seller and maker in the business? Or: What is the most enjoyment you get out of being in this industry?

The best part about this industry is that everyone is very friendly and helpful and we try to do the same. It’s a great community of artists, businesses and collectors. We are also very proud to give them out to our friends which isn’t something you’d do if you were selling something boring.

What is a day in your operation like? How do you stay busy and have fun?

Well, we work sporadically on everything. When an order comes in we ship it straight away. We work on designs as needed, because if we just did what we liked wed be making new designs all day long, but we keep a nice list of them ready to go. Taking photos for Instagram actually takes a lot of time but we try to plan out at least a month of those at a time. So basically, somedays it will be all day of pictures + shipping orders, and other days it will just be shipping orders and brainstorming ideas. It’s a fun business and the more you put in the more you get out of it.

How long have you been in the business of selling pins?

We started selling at the end of March this year.

What’s a mistake you’ve made in the enamel pin business that others could learn from?

I’d say not testing designs more. We had a very popular hops pin in gold that was doing very well and eventually decided to make it in silver to maybe get a few more sales from people not interested in gold. But turns out people like silver even more than gold for that pin. So you should definitely not assume what the market will do and just test some different colors or metals to see what people like. If they didn’t like silver we could have just not reordered and moved on to the next thing. We really shouldn’t have waited 4 months before testing that out.

Do you have a piece of advice for newer sellers and pin makers?

Main advice is just do it. Don’t wait, jump in. You just need a couple hundred bucks to get started and if that’s you barrier to getting started I am sure you could craigslist some stuff you aren’t using and be ready for your first order this weekend.

What things do you see changing in the industry? Do you see these as good or bad?

There is a lot more licensed pins out there now. This is good for the licensee but mostly they are boring compared to the fan art ones already available and opens up the good artists to lawsuits much more easily. I wish the fan art ones would get legitimized instead of generic boring ones that are getting made and sold at retail stores.

Any final thoughts or comments?

If anyone is interested in our pins check out our website beginindustires.com, or the Begin Industries Etsy shop or even Amazon (you can get them on Prime).

And if you want to get into making pins check out this article I wrote: How to make enamel pins. I am here to help, I love pins and can’t wait to see what new pin makers will make.

Chefs Knife Enamel Pin Chefs Knife
Beer Hops Enamel Pin Beer Hops
Glass Coffee Maker Enamel Pin Glass Coffee Maker
Huge Conspiracy Theory Yard Board Enamel Pin Huge Conspiracy Yard Board

Featured Pin – Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

We’re featuring this awesome set of Day of the Dead Sugar Skull enamel pins to coincide with Dia de los Muertos.

These sugar skull enamel pins from Woah There Pickle are the perfect pair of his and her pins for anyone looking to celebrate their passed loved ones or those who enjoy the colorful festivities of Day of the Dead art.

Both of these pins are 1.18″ tall and feature a black nickel plating. Each pin is single posted with a rubber clutch and both faces glow in the dark. You can purchase the set for just $17.17 or individually for $9.61.

Visit and follow Woah There Pickle’s Etsy shop for some other great enamel pins!

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Enamel Pins Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Deal of the Week – Classic Jack O’Lantern

Halloween is almost here but there’s still some time to catch a deal before the month is over! Crumby Pins have three still going for just $4.80 but only through the 31st. You’ve got one more day to grab one of these great Halloween enamel pins.

Below are a few quick details. Check them out and don’t hesitate to act on these before their price increases.

Classic Jack O’Lantern
1.25″ soft enamel pin. Beautiful colors and design. Limited to 100. View pin.

Black Cat Halloween
1.25″ soft enamel. Inspired by vintage Beistle paper decorations. Limited to 50 and available as a Glow in the Dark variant.

BRB Gravestone
1.25″ soft enamel. Limited edition of 100.

Be sure to visit Crumby Pins Etsy shop and the Crumby Pins website for more great pins.

Classic Jack O'Lantern Enamel Pin Classic Jack O’Lantern
Black Cat Halloween Enamel Pin Black Cat Halloween
BRB Gravestone Enamel Pin BRB Gravestone

Featured Pin – Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner

Stranger Things 2 is out this Friday and to celebrate we’re only adding Stranger Things enamel pins to the website for the next two days. We’re kicking it off with this Stranger Things pin from Arcadedaze for our featured pin of the week.

The Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner pin is the third variant in this series and also the final. No more of them will be made so this is the last chance you’ll have to pick one up.

Shadowfell Deluxe is a two-tiered enamel pin at 1.75″ and also glows in the dark. It has an antique copper plating and two posts. The background colors in this variant are muted and glow in the dark as a bright green and blue. The top tier of this pin with antique plating spins so you can change the upside-down as you please.

Don’t miss out on the last chance to one of the pins from this amazing series! You can pick up Shadowfell Deluxe for $22.00 from Arcadedaze. Be sure to visit their shop and follow Arcadedaze on Instagram to catch some of their other amazing pin releases you won’t want to miss!

Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner Enamel Pin Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner

Pin Filtering and Pin Detail Changes

We have several new updates across the site to share! We’ve recently moved hosting and the site has been operating much faster than before; we’re very pleased with that and additional speed improvements in the works.

We’re ready to roll out pin filtering. Filtering has been added to the main pin listing page and can be accessed at the top by clicking the new filter tab. We think this is coolest way to find pins quickly. Filtering allows you to quickly narrow down all pins in the database by things like price, size, color and more. Using the filter immediately returns the updated pins without having to wait for a page reload. This is a huge time saver as you can quickly sort all pins for very specific interests like 1.25″ Glow in the Dark enamel pins. It’s awesome and you can click here to check it out!

Pin Colors Color links have been updated to take advantage of the new filter. Clicking on a color from a pins page will take you directly to the filter with that color selected allowing you to quickly find similar colored pins.

Pin Type Pin material been swapped for “Pin Type”. This is used to describe if the pin is a Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, Die Cast, etc.

Plating We have moved plating types away from the old “Pin Material” identifier. As we move forward, old pins will be updated with their appropriate plating. This will require a lot of work to update all lapel pins in the database but it will be worth the effort for the ability to search or filter by your favorite plating.

Attachments Pins can now have attachments. This includes features such as magnets, LED’s, hinges, chains, sliders, spinners and more. The first attachment pin added was “Friday the Meeseek“.

Seller Links If a seller has a logo, we’ve added it right up front next to the name of the pin and above its image. This link takes you directly to the sellers page on PinInn. This helps clearly establish which seller created the pin with the intention of branding the pin more closely to the appropriate shop. We’ve also moved the link and pricing for a pin to this area so a visitor can get quickly get to the original URL of the pin and hopefully make that purchase!

Since this update includes changes with how color works we thought it was appropriate to feature this RGB Hard Enamel pin from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes!

We’ve got a lot more in the works and we’ll have another update soon!

RGB Hard Enamel Pin RGB

Featured Pin – Jar of Eyeballs

This month is flying by and we’re already down to the last few weeks of the month. We’ve had our eyes (hah) on a few “In a Bottle” pins for the month and Jar of Eyeballs won out this week as it has recently returned to stock.

Jar of Eyeballs is a 1.14″ soft enamel pin with black dyed plating. It comes single posted and features 5 colors and also glows in the dark! It’s the perfect pin for the bottle pin collectors out there like us and would also go great with any monster or Halloween enamel pin collections. It can be yours for $9.25 from Rob Birchall’s shop “Object“.

Be sure to keep a lookout for new pin releases coming from this shop and be sure to follow thisisobject on Instagram.

Jar of Eyeballs Enamel Pin Jar of Eyeballs

Deal of the Week – Thriller Jacket

“It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurkin’ in the dark
Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes,
You’re paralyzed”

Our deal of the week is this amazing Thriller Jacket Enamel Pin from YouCantGoBack. This pin was inspired by the iconic music video we all know, love and won’t ever get tired of watching. This is a soft enamel pin with black plating and has a red enamel fill. It comes in at 1.25″ tall and can be yours for just $6.86. There is not much else to say other than several other reviewers loved this pin and it’s not to miss for any Michael Jackson, Halloween or music collector out there.

While you’re considering this pin, be sure to check out to check out YouCantGoBacks Etsy shop and take a look around!

Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket Enamel Pin Thriller Jacket

Featured Pin – Halloween Pizza

This weeks featured pin comes from i.heart.avocado. Halloween and Pizza is a mashup I knew nothing about before seeing this pin. I was very pleased to see it a celebrated combination which makes this pin all the more awesome.

The Halloween Pizza Enamel Pin comes in at 1.5 inches tall with black plating. This is a soft enamel pin with what looks to be 8 different enamel colors. It comes with double rubber clutches and features a perfectly simple and straightforward (bright and gummy) bug and worm design. Pizza enamel pins are a category that leave their collectors with a wide selection of options and this Halloween inspired pizza pin shouldn’t be looked over!

As usual, please check out i.heart.avocado’s Etsy shop for several other amazing enamel pins (We also love that Avocado Pumpkin).

Halloween Pizza Enamel Pin Halloween Pizza

Deal of the Week – Boo Buckets

These McDonald Happy Meal pails from 1989 may bring back some memories around this time of year. Boo Buckets were always a hit and it’s awesome to catch a pin that can hit you right in the feels.

Hope Sick delivers on this 1.5″ soft enamel Boo Buckets enamel pin. It features the three classic buckets just like the the original Halloween Happy Meal advertisement with McGoblin, McGhost, and McWitch. Boo Buckets comes with dual posts, glows in the dark and can be yours for just $7.50. If you’re feeling sparkly, Hope Sick also offers Glitter Boo Buckets for $8.50.

Be sure to check out Hope Sick’s Etsy shop for several other awesome Halloween Pins!

Boo Buckets Enamel Pin Boo Buckets

500 Pins!

We almost missed it but we just hit 500 pins! While that may not seem like much to some, it’s taken close to two years of work to get where we are today. Did you know that every enamel pin in our database is added manually? We often track extra details down through multiple accounts or sources, cross check as best we can and manually select all colors, add additional information and categorize/tag as best as possible.

We have so much great content and features in the works we can’t wait for you to see what’s ahead. We’ve improved our process greatly over the last 6 months and pins will be coming in faster and more consistently moving forward. Our next checkin is at 1,000 and we’re going to work hard to hit it much sooner!

Congratulations to our 500th pin, Rickenstein V2 from Ghoul Kids Society! Rick and Morty with Halloween, you can’t ask for anything better than that!

Rickenstein V2 Enamel Pin Rickenstein v2

Featured Pin – Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin

I don’t know what it is about vintage Halloween props but that old-school art and design always comes with an extra dose of eerie. It makes vintage Halloween so mesmerizing to look at it. This combination plays perfectly with this Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Hard Enamel Pin from Skulduggery Co.

Skulduggery’s 1.5” folk art pumpkin enamel pin has just the right amount of “Aww” and “Ahh!”. We love the artistic choices made with the use of black nickel plating as a hard enamel finish for its design.

This Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Pin can be yours for just $9.00 from Skulduggery’s etsy shop. This pin comes as a two color design with dual posts. Don’t miss this if pumpkins or Halloween are your thing!

Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Enamel Pin Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin

Deal of the Week – Angry Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin

It’s time! Halloween is here this month we’ll be focusing on the thousands of Halloween pins out there. To get us started we’ve got this awesome Jack-O’-Lantern from Grumpy Goods.

Angry Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin soft enamel pin has a simple 2 color design and comes in at 1.25″. This pin is single posted and has just the right amount of sinister for a pumpkin. You can pick up this awesome halloween pin for just $6.25 from Grumpy Goods Etsy Shop.

Angry Jack-O'-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin Angry Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin

Weekly Pin Email

Want to receive the latest pins via email? If you look around the site, some sections now have a weekly email subscription option. If any new pins are added that week, you’ll receive an email with the latest. This is super handy if you’re a collector of a specific type of pin or if you just want to see what’s new.

To get started, visit one of the links below. New subscriptions will be added regularly. If there’s one you’d like to see that we don’t have, just contact us and let us know!

For more details and how subscriptions work, read through our email subscriptions page.

Good News Enamel Pin Good News

Featured Pin – Anything Is Possible

Our featured pin this week is quite the motivational one. We love the simple but powerful message it portrays incased in an artfully creative light bulb. The Anything Is Possible enamel pin is currently the only pin offering from JJ Arts but that doesn’t make it any less inspiring.

Anything Is Possible is a 1″ soft enamel pin. It comes with a single clutch and has 4 color options with slightly varying heights. Each go for $10.00. We absolutely love the lettering work and think it’s a must own for those who collect unique, motivational or lettering lapel pins.

Colors Available:

  • Black – Length: 1 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Gold – Length: 1 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Red – Length: 1.18 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Fuchsia – Length: 1.18 in / 1.2mm thick

Visit JJ Art’s online store to purchase and be sure to check out the original painting that lead to the creation of this pin.

Anything Is Possible Enamel Pin Anything Is Possible

Deal of the Week – Death Rainbow

I wasn’t sure what pin would be right for the last Deal of the Week in September. Then I found these Death Rainbow enamel pins. It’s the perfect mashup before the Halloween madness begins. Death Rainbow is a collaboration between Jad Dovey and Alex Strangler.

Death Rainbow is a 1.5″ limited edition, soft enamel pin. It features several color enamel fills and comes in either a “Dark” or “Pastel” variant.

Death Rainbow Pastel Version – 1.5″ limited edition, silver hard enamel pin. Colorway by Alex Strangler.
Death Rainbow Dark Version – 1.5″ limited edition, soft enamel black with dyed plating. Colorway by Jad Dovey.

Both go for an appropriately priced $6.66 from Jad Dovey’s Etsy shop or $7.99 from Alex Strangler’s Shop.

Death Rainbow Enamel Pin Death Rainbow (Dark)
Death Rainbow Pastel Enamel Pin Death Rainbow (Pastel)

Featured Pin – Meteor Bill

Netherway Workshop is recent pin maker and has hit the scene with some awesome pins this year. Their recent release was too cool to pass up for featured pin of the week!

Meteor Bill should be instantly recognizable to any Mario or Nintendo fan. Most of us have probably met our end more than a few times against a bullet bill and this pin helps us remember one of Mario’s awesome foes. We love the artistic abstract treatment to give him the look of being in motion. This pin is a great addition to the growing Nintendo inspired enamel pins out there!

Meteor Bill soft enamel pin comes in at a standard 1.25” length. Meteor Bill features 4 color fills and and comes with dual posts. This enamel pin is also a limited edition of 100 so don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out on this awesome take on the classic bullet bill. You can purchase currently for just $10.00.

Make sure to visit Netherway Workshop’s store and website to check out their other awesome pins! We expect more amazing work from them in the future and we’ll be on the lookout!

Meteor Bill Enamel Pin Meteor Bill

Deal of the Week – Radioactive Dave

I came across this pin months ago and was upset when I didn’t bookmark it for a follow up. I was relived to have stumbled upon it again last week and just in time for it to be on sale!

Radioactive Dave is a soft enamel pin that measures 1.5″ tall. This pin has 7 color fills and is plated with a gold tone finish. Radioactive Dave is also a limited run of 50, so he won’t be around forever. He’s currently on sale for $6.00 and would make an awesome addition to your Halloween pin collection or maybe a spooky gift for a friend.

Be sure to check out Frolik Studio’s Etsy shop for some other stunning pins!

Radioactive Dave Enamel Pin Radioactive Dave